This YouTuber Built A ‘Magic Wand’ To Turn On Lights, Home Appliances

Magic Wand

We all loved the tales of Harry Potter controlling his surroundings with a Magic Wand. Well, nowadays we use technology like voice assistance and AI in our daily life which is not less than magic.

But what if we actually had a magic wand to control our surroundings? It is possible to make a DIY magic wand that controls your home appliances and lightings. Doesn’t that sound interesting? Now let’s check how is such a thing possible.

One of the YouTuber named Sam March practically build a magic wand. Like all of us, Sam was also influenced by magic in his childhood and always wished to do something like witches. If you invest your time in something then surely magic will happen, and technology is not less than magic.

Sam found his time for making a magic wand during the lockdown due to Covid’s outbreak. Well, it only took him about a couple of months to live his childhood dream. Let us find out more about Sam March and his magic wand. We will also tell you about the functioning of the magic wand.

Know About The Functioning Of The Magic Wand

The magic wand used here is not about the magic but about the technology. So, let’s talk about the things that Sam used for making a magic wand. Sam didn’t have all the smart appliances at his home so using AI or Voice assistance was never going to work. However, using BlueTooth and coding, a wand can work.

So, Sam bought smart plugs and BlueTooth chips. Initially, he tried it on a small bulb and after doing coding as he waved the BlueTooth chip the bulb turned on. He went further and bought mini-plugs, circuits, and wood for the outer part.

Sam installed the circuit and carried out the coding part. As the coding part was a bit complicated he was not able to show it on his video but we got to know about the basic concept. He designed the wand in three segments, these segments of the wand were made by cutting the wood as planned.

Now, Sam had all the boxes tick, he was done with installing, coding, and making the wand. Now, all that Sam had to do was to assemble them. Sam was done with it and at midnight when he waved the wand; the lights turned off. The wand worked perfectly, Sam also waved the wand at different appliances and all functioned perfectly.

Final words

Sam March making a magic wand is one of the best things you will see on the internet, if you want to watch the video of Sam making the wand, here is the link. It was truly amazing to watch Sam making the wand; and when that thing worked his expressions were delightful. It is actually very exciting to work on such things and motivate others to do the same.

Sam completed his childhood dream in one and a half months. We hope that this ignites you to make your own stuff, or you can even try to make this magic wand at your home. Sam mentioned in his video that Arthur C. Clarke said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Sam lived that line in his video.