This Flaw Can Permanently Break Your iPhone’s Wi-Fi

Permanently Break Your iPhone’s Wi-Fi

Recently, an iPhone bug is discovered by Carl Schou that comes in form of a Wi-Fi network. This bug can permanently break your iPhone’s Wi-Fi. But Don’t worry!

Schou who is a reverse app engineer encountered a similar bug before. Luckily, that time it could be fixed just by resetting the device. However, it’s different this time because neither rebooting nor changing SSID could fix this issue.

Thereby, Schou asked his Twitter members to come up with a solution. He tweeted, “After joining my personal Wi-Fi with the SSID “%p%s%s%s%s%n”, my iPhone permanently disabled its Wi-Fi functionality. Neither rebooting nor changing SSID fixes it:~)”

Things To Do If Bug Permanently Break Your iPhone’s Wi-Fi

On Twitter, another reverse app engineer named Alex Skalozub came up with a solution. According to him, repackaging the process can help the affected iPhone to get rid of the bug.

He tweeted, “After a lot of trial and error I have figured you may need to backup, manually remove those from, then repack it back and do device restore.”

Hence, you should not forget to back up your data before you fix it.

Security Concern

The bug that was discovered by Carl Schou and fixed by Alex Skalazub is truly a matter of security concern. Because such types of bugs can be malware planted by hackers. It can be the simplest way to get into the user’s device without breaking the password.

Jake Moore, Cybersecurity specialist at ESET said,

“Although iOS is extremely intelligent, the ‘%’ character can trip up an operating system by confusing it into thinking it’s an alter ego from another language. Luckily, this bug isn’t permanent but with a devilish mind, malicious actors could exploit those who click on it and take advantage of their situation.”


Nonetheless, you can try restoring the affected iPhone via iTunes as it helped some users to fix the issue. We hope this article helped you get rid of the bug which is supposed to permanently break your iPhone’s Wi-Fi.