PUBG Mobile ‘Cold Front Survival’ Mode Coming Soon

PUBG Mobile 'Cold Front Survival' Mode Image

PUBG Mobile is quite popular worldwide including in India. It is at the forefront of mobile games and is popular among the youth. The company constantly keeps giving its users new updates and modes to increase the experience. Amidst efforts to maintain newness and thrill in the game, the company has announced PUBG Mobile ‘Cold Front Survival’ Mode, which will release on 16 April.

PUBG Mobile has shared this information through its official Twitter handle. PUBG Mobile has written in a new mode teaser, “Things are getting a bit … chilly here.” In another tweet, the game also teases drones with an icy atmosphere.

The company has not yet released much information about this new model. But a few hints are given by the company through its different social media handles, which we are going to jot down below.

Some hints from the Company

The company has not yet confirmed on which map this mode will be brought. But, according to some reports, this new model will come to Vikendi and it would not be a surprise because it is a snow map.

In another post on Instagram, drones have been seen flying on the map. PUBG Mobile has also not revealed the role of the drone in the game. The snowy atmosphere can also be seen in the teaser poster.

Reports suggest that with the use of drones, players can easily find and kill animals and avoid them.

PUBG Mobile has also given an indication through a Facebook post that a new item will also be added to this game mode. PUBG players around the world are guessing that this could be a heat pack that will help them to survive in the PUBG Mobile ‘Cold Front Survival’ Mode. Not much information has been known about this item yet.

Currently, it is nothing confirmed except the release of the new mode on 16 April. So, more information about the PUBG Mobile ‘Cold Front Survival’ Mode will be found on April 16, when it will be officially launched.