How To Use Same WhatsApp Account On Two Phones?

Same WhatsApp Account On Two Phones

How can you get the same WhatsApp account on two phones simultaneously? Well, in the past many of us wished this could happen and some of us might have even tried it. But now, after so many demands from users, WhatsApp finally decided to bring this feature to reality where a single account is usable on two Android smartphones at a time. WhatsApp recently bought its beta version of exclusive to Android.

This beta version is equipped with a feature that provides you a QR code for your account. This QR code can be scanned on the other smartphone or Android device to use the same account on both devices. Currently, it is specially made for Android and Android tablets.

Let us go ahead and see the step-by-step guide.

Steps To Use Same WhatsApp Account On Two Phones

  • Firstly, ensure your current device has a beta version of WhatsApp or higher.
  • Now, go to your 2nd device, and in the main settings open and enable “Developers Options.” The “About the Phone” option will be found in the settings menu.
  • In the “About the Phone” option you will see a build number. Tab repetitively on this number until you receive a message saying “You are the Developer.”
  • Again on the 2nd device, go into the settings menu and search for “System.” Once you are in the System option look for “Developers Options.” In there you will see “Smallest Width.”
Click On Smallest Width
  • The number you will see is important; note down that number. Once you have saved that number somewhere, erase it and put “600” in its place. This changes the interface of your smartphone into a tablet. (You can change it back to the original if you think this interface is not good for you.)
Put Digits
  • Now, like usual, download WhatsApp and make sure it is the beta version. While opening the app you might see an option to scan a QR code.
  • To link both devices, go to your primary (1st device) and open the Three-dot option from the corner. Press on “Linked Devices” which will show you a unique QR code. Scan this QR code with the 2nd device.
Click On Linked Devices
  • And that’s it, every WhatsApp message, call, share, and other feature will be accessible from both devices.

We have a good feeling WhatsApp will make this connection even more accessible in the near future. But till then, we have at least something to manage our work with. Do you think using the same WhatsApp account on two phones is necessary?