How To Slow Down Videos On Snapchat? [Guide]

Slow Down Videos On Snapchat

Nowadays, people are hooked on Snapchat and consistently trying to maintain their streaks. We all think it’s great fun to share photos with friends and family through Snapchat. But what is Snapchat, and how can you slow down videos on Snapchat?

You can use the Snapchat app to instantly send and receive photos and videos with your loved ones and coworkers. Moreover, you may make your video narratives and put them as a story on the app for others to see. Following 24 hours, this story will be deleted from the app automatically.

With the built-in filters that come with the app, you can modify your videos in several ways before sharing them with others, and slowing down videos on Snapchat is one of those ways. For dramatic effect or to let your viewers see every move in minute detail of the video, you might want to know how to slow down videos on Snapchat.

The following sections will show you how to slow down videos on Snapchat and other strategies that may be used to reduce the playback speed more expertly.

Steps To Slow Down Videos On Snapchat

This section will provide a detailed step-by-step tutorial to slow down videos on Snapchat. Let’s begin:

  • Install and open Snapchat on your smartphone. After opening, you need a video to slow down. You can record by long pressing the shutter button at the bottom of the screen on the app, or you can select from the previously recorded videos. Besides the shutter option, you will find a Gallery option where you will get previously recorded videos and pictures on Snapchat.
Click On The Option
  • Now, select the video you need.
Choose A Video
  • Once you have selected the video or recorded one, click on the Edit icon in the bottom left corner of the screen.
Click On Edit Icon
  • Now swipe left to right to apply filters. Do this repeatedly until the Snail (Slow Motion) icon appears. The clip’s playback speed will slow down videos on Snapchat.
Select The Snail Filter
  • If you want to add some flair to the snap or make some changes, you can do so by using the features in the top right corner of the screen. After you’ve finished editing, select the Share option in the lower-right corner to send the video to specific people or to publish it as a 24-hour story.
Click On Arrow

Alternative apps to slow down videos

Snapchat has built-in tools to slow down videos on Snapchat, so you don’t need any extra software to achieve it. You can’t change the framerate or zoom level; you’re limited to what the app provides.

For this reason, many people like alternative approaches to recording slow-down videos on Snapchat with their preferences and then posting them to Snapchat. With this method, you only have to swipe the screen once to apply the slow-motion effect.

You can use several third-party applications to slow down videos on Snapchat. Some of the most downloaded apps are as follows:

Slow Motion Video FX

Android users may take advantage of slow-motion video effects using this app. It’s convenient because you can choose from various alternatives when slowing down videos. Your video can play at your desired speed or you can slow down just a selected segment. It has a higher learning curve than Snapchat.


To further customize the slow-motion effect, FlexClip is an amazing video speed editing tool. You can fine-tune the video’s speed, add filters, music, and text, and even slow down videos on Snapchat.


This program is a high-quality video editor that works on iOS and Android smartphones. With its many capabilities, you can slow down videos on Snapchat, add music and effects, and more.


Available for both iOS and Android smartphones, this software has a variety of capabilities, including the ability to slow down videos. You may also use this program to add music and effects to your videos.

Is it possible to make a slow-motion video with Snapchat?

No, you can’t do that technically. Snapchat’s built-in Slow Motion filter allows you to apply the effect to a video you’ve already taken at regular speed by swiping the screen from left to right until the Snail icon appears in the middle. The Slow Motion filter (represented by the Snail icon) slows the playback when applied.

Does Snapchat allow you to speed up videos?

To speed up your Snapchat video, you just need to use the rabbit filter.

Can I slow down videos without using a filter?

No, you need a filter to slow down videos on Snapchat. Snapchat’s snail filter is the only filter that can slow down videos. Of course, there are a variety of additional video editing apps, and some smartphones even come equipped with slow-motion cameras.


Slowing down videos on Snapchat is simple and may be accomplished through the app’s built-in capabilities. The snail filter is the simplest way to slow down videos on Snapchat, and you can change the pace by moving the filter left or right.

Third-party tools such as Video FX, FlexClip, or KineMaster can give you additional control over the pace of your video. These apps allow you to slow down videos and add music. If you prefer a more comfortable manner, understanding how to slow down a video on Snapchat, this guide provides a simple and easy process.

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