Steve Jobs’ Daughter Mocks iPhone 14 With A Meme

Steve Jobs' Daughter Mocks iPhone 14

The new iPhone 14 was announced on 7th September and to everyone’s surprise, Steve Jobs’ daughter mocks iPhone 14 for being too similar to the iPhone 13. Obviously, everyone started to ride the roller coaster as soon as Apple finished its showcase, and memes over the internet started flooding. Eve Jobs joined this mayhem to make fun of iPhone 14.

The template she used was a popular one where we see a man getting a shirt as a gift. But the gifted shirt is the exact same as the one he is wearing. Under this template Eve captioned “Me upgrading from iPhone 13 to iPhone 14 after Apple’s announcement today”.

Eve Jobs has a massive half a million people following her account. For obvious reasons, she had to delete the post on 8th September.

Steve Jobs’ Daughter Mocks iPhone 14, But Why?

Why even the daughter of Steve Jobs is talking trash about the product? Well, the phone has way too many similar features for an extra price. A decent person with no mental issues won’t upgrade their iPhone 13 to iPhone 14.

Steve Jobs' Daughter Mocks iPhone 14

Both 13 and 14 have the same chipset, just the GPU performance has been improved. One thing that puts the iPhone 14 ahead of the iPhone 13 is the new front-facing camera which captures images better in low light.

The most annoying thing was the phone looked literally like the iPhone 13. People who wish to pre-purchase this iPhone can do so on 9th September. However, the larger version of the iPhone 14 will be arriving somewhere near the 7th of October.

Will This Affect Steve Jobs?

The post was either “deleted” or “taken down” which means this did affect Apple. If the company wants to avoid this next year, they better come up with a phone that looks and acts like a new generation. The iPhone 14 was already receiving hate from fans and seeing Steve Jobs’ daughter mock iPhone 14 made it all the worst.

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