How To Tame Fox In Minecraft? [Easy Guide]

Tame Fox In Minecraft

Wanna tame Fox in Minecraft? Follow our article and find out how. Even though it has been ten whole years of this game, still Minecraft has a dominant fan following.

In a Minecraft world, you can build anything from the Taj Mahal to the Eiffel Tower. The limit is your creativity. People have made entire cities in the world. But this is not all, you can do much more than just crafting and mining.

Many mobs are present in the game. Some will shoot at you or even explode themselves to kill you. But some of them are just too cute to leave behind, in such cases, you can tame the mod. Today, we are exclusively talking about adorable little foxes.

Before we start, remember taming these animals will take some patience and hard work because they are not like other animals.

Where Can You Find Fox?

In Minecraft, each mob spawns randomly, but there is still some pattern. For example, foxes will spawn in Taiga biomes. Simply these biomes are cold forests and have three types. First, it is snowy, second is normal, and third is the huge tree. You will find a red fox in the normal Taigas while the white fox is available in the snow.

You will usually see at least 2-4 foxes together. And if you are lucky enough you will find the most adorable baby fox. They are nocturnal creatures you will only see them spawn during the night times. This means you will have to roam around in the forest at night which means you should be well-geared.

They are shy animals which means you will have to sneak in order to get close to them. After getting close your job is to feed them their favorite food which is berries.

Steps To Tame Fox In Minecraft

You can’t directly tame the fox you see or find. For taming you will need to breed foxes. You can simply breed foxes by feeding them sweet berries. Feed two foxes and they will start breeding, the baby they produce will automatically stay loyal to you. If you think breeding red and white foxes together will give you some unique color then sadly it is not like that.

Baby Fox

But there is a catch. Even though the baby fox will be loyal to you still it will try to follow his or her parents. For this, you can just distract the baby fox by putting it on a leash. Walk away from the group with your baby fox and as you get away the fox will be only loyal to you. To make a leash all you need is a slimeball.

So this is how you can add a new member to your Minecraft family. Foxes are great animals to have nearby you. Hopefully, you learned how to tame fox in Minecraft.

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