This Company Built A Touchless Doorbell For The COVID-19 Era

Touchless Doorbell

For people who receive many visitors, the doorbell becomes a germ hazard. The visitors can be delivery persons or local vendors. To reduce contact with outsiders and secure homes, a company developed a solution., an American security solution developed a touchless doorbell, with video.

The video monitoring system is the first commercially available touchless video doorbell. It also doubles up as a home security solution. The mission of the product minimize health risks and make the home environment safer.

Protocols for the COVID-19 pandemic warned against touching public properties. This was to curb the spread of the highly infectious virus. To keep up with the protocols, a lot of innovations came up. For example, banks equipped ATMs with touchless cash withdrawals.

Touchless Doorbell

The touchless doorbell has a compact design and comes with a 1080p wide-angle lens. The lens provides a clear 150-degree vertical view of the person ringing the doorbell. It also has infrared night vision to detect intruders in the dark. The security company is also offering a doormat with this device. The doormat indicates where visitors should stand and ring the bell.

Once installed, the doorbell plays audio on your security system. It also sends an alert to a preferred smartphone and records a video clip. This ensures that you can communicate with visitors on your doorstep, from your phone.

The actual price of the whole touchless doorbell system is not revealed, yet. The doorbell itself costs less than $200. This is quite an affordable price point, considering the advanced security it provides.

Existing home security components support the touchless doorbell system. Once connected, the two systems work well together to provide the highest level of safety. The product is currently available in US markets. It’s being marketed through’s installation partners. It’s a great innovation, that reduces the risk of getting the COVID-19 virus.