WhatsApp Not Showing Contact Names? [How To Fix]

WhatsApp Not Showing Contact Names

It’s fun to stay connected, and sharing pictures and videos gets easier but with all the benefits, you face a couple of issues, such as the one we are to talk about today, that is, WhatsApp not showing contact names.

WhatsApp Not Showing Contact Names?

We all are living in a world where human connection is majorly based on social media platforms. One such platform that has had a huge impact on us, is WhatApp. We can talk to anyone we would like through audio and video calls, as well as message them, as long as we have their right phone number. But sometimes WhatsApp not show the names of the contacts.

Contact numbers being visible rather than contact names

One possible way to view contact names instead of numbers is by resetting the WhatsApp sync with all of your contacts. The steps to do so are:

  • In your phone’s Settings, choose Users and accounts > WhatsApp.
  • Then, open your WhatsApp and click on the new chat icon available > More options > Refresh.

That’s one way to solve this problem, although different causes have different solutions. So, this may not always work. It may be because your phone settings are preventing your WhatsApp from working properly.

Luckily, there’s something else you can try to solve this problem and that is:

  • Proceed to open your phone Settings.
  • Move on to Apps and notifications > WhatsApp > Permissions.
  • Make sure that all of your permissions have been turned on.

If you still are not in a better place, you ought to contact your phone’s manufacturer and gather more information about security permissions.


We all know how healthy it’s to stay socially well. Applications such as WhatsApp make social communication possible. It helps us talk to anyone we want with the simple combination of a couple of digits.

We can also share important documents, links, videos, presentations, and much more. The platform has both personal, as well as professional uses. But it gets confusing when we encounter the problem of WhatsApp not showing contact names but numbers, isn’t it?

We have mentioned a few solutions above, that will possibly solve the issue!

How can I see someone’s WhatsApp username?

The WhatsApp username will be showing on the right side of the number on a group members list.

Will my contacts know I have WhatsApp?

No, they will not know that you have a WhatsApp account until they have your WhatsApp number.

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