Why HackerRank Stopped Contests? – Here’s Everything We Know

Why HackerRank Stopped Contests

Why HackerRank stopped contests? Has the priority changed or they have no gain from it? Well, the topic has been bothering many developers and candidates since Hackerank stopped conducting contests. There is no specific reason known until now, except some guesses made by the candidates.

What exactly HackerRank Is?

It is a market-leading technology company that assists both companies and developers. The recipient company and the developer, work remotely and can build teams as per their requirement. It provides end-to-end assistance by creating a HackerRank Developer Skill Platform.

Why HackerRank Stopped Contests?

However, for the last two years, no contests have been posted. Some of the assumptions made by the candidates mentioned below.

  • According to some candidates, Hackerrank is now more focused on hiring candidates for companies. It might have shifted to a hiring platform from a competitive platform.
  • Some pointed out that the motto of getting recognition and reach has been achieved hence it is not worth organizing contests now.
  • One other guess, why Hackerrank stopped contests is that their future goals might have changed that is why they have not been actively conducting contests.

How does HackerRank work?

It has a different strategy, for senior candidates and junior/fresher level candidates.

Senior candidates not supposed to give any technical test rather than a direct conversation between the hiring manager and the candidate. The live interview conducted by the hiring manager using CodePair.

For junior/fresher level candidates; the recruiting process is conducted via CodeScreen. They have to attempt a technical test and then work on the traditional technical assignment. Later, based on the performance, rank, and other parameters; candidates are sent to the technical interview stage conducted via CodePair.

Can you furnish your skills via HackerRank?

It provides unlimited resources to bloom. You can sign up on HackerRank to furnish your technical skills, learn from multiple tutorials provided on the platform. Don’t worry you can also delete HackerRank account. HackerRank includes algorithm, data structure, C, interview preparation kit, and many more that make Hackerrank hard to clear. In addition to these tutorials, you have the opportunity to receive multiple certificates after completing the tutorials. The certificates have two categories; Problem Solving (Basic) and Rest API (Intermediate).

Can HackerRank detect screenshots?

Yes, HackerRank can detect screenshots.

Is HackerRank good for interviews?

Yes, HackerRank is a good tool for technical interviews for all skill levels software engineers.

What companies hire coders?

There are many big companies that hire coders like Amazon, BOSCH, ThoughtWorks, Swiggy, etc.