Why Is Clubhouse So Popular? [Everything We Know]

Why Is Clubhouse So Popular

In this article, we are going to discuss why is Clubhouse so popular and what other factors play a role in the app’s success. But before jumping to the topic, let’s know about Clubhouse.

The Clubhouse has generated a lot of buzz among people over the last year. It swiftly became one of the most talked-about social media platforms, valued at $4 Billion, in less than a year after its beta launch.

Moreover, it has managed to stick out as one of the most unusual app releases in recent memory, even though new applications come and go all the time. Most people think of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram when they think of social networking apps. However, the functional designs of these apps attract the audience but it’s not the only way a social networking platform may function.

On the other hand, Clubhouse’s popularity is increasing day by day. Overnight, the software became one of the most popular in the Apple App Store, and the rest is history.

Reasons Why Is Clubhouse So Popular

Here are 4 astonishing reasons that made Clubhouse popular.

1. Just Social Networking

One of the reasons why is clubhouse so popular, due to its unique software that focuses on social audio which sets it apart from other social networking apps. There are no video live streams, text-based chat, or photo uploading or downloading; only individuals discussing and exchanging ideas are present.

Additionally, regular users claim that sitting in a chatroom with a few VIPs and hearing significant individuals speaking is much more intimate and engaging.

Moreover, Clubhouse conversations are less disorderly and more fruitful. Hosts can mute and unmute speakers, and participants can“raise their hands” before being allowed to talk.

2. Important VIP’s Presence

The foremost reason why Clubhouse is so popular is the billionaire’s promotion of the app. Moreover, the Clubhouse is majorly used by a lengthy list of businesspeople, politicians, and A-level celebrities to discuss a variety of themes. In 2021, Mark Zuckerberg appeared on Clubhouse to debate the future of technology.

Celebrities who are using this app are Oprah Winfrey, Justin Bieber, Jared, and Elon Musk. Politicians in Europe and Asia are also using the app to get around restrictions on free speech.

The Clubhouse is a star-studded club and it has become popular among billionaires, as it is impossible to record a chatroom. When a conversation finishes, the chatroom vanishes, and everything stated is lost.

3. A Productive Environment For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to change the world with a new product or service, then Clubhouse is for you. Many tech startup founders meet up on the app with dedicated listeners regularly to pitch their ideas and obtain feedback.

Although Clubhouse does not allow advertisements, there are several ways for making money. Clubhouse just launched a Creators Fund to support newcomers with unique ideas. The Clubhouse may be a viable choice for anyone looking to fund their artistic endeavors.

4. Invite-Only Social Networking

The Clubhouse has an invite-only model, which adds to the app’s exclusivity. You can only join a room if your friend sends you an invitation link. It simply means that there is a higher chance of meeting and talking to like-minded people. It’s the same as joining exclusive clubs.

You’re in when someone on Clubhouse creates a new chatroom and remembers to invite you. Otherwise, you have to wait until the creator invites you.


Now, you get to know several factors why is Clubhouse so popular. However, one point to be noted is that the Clubhouse is accessible for Apple iOS yet, but the company promised to launch the Android version. In comparison to what is currently overwhelming the social media landscape, this app is a breath of fresh air.

What are you waiting for? If you’re an iOS user, just download the Clubhouse app. But if you are an Android user, hang in there because you will be joining the club shortly. Now you know why is Clubhouse so popular, feel free to share the article.

Is Clubhouse a dating site?

No, Clubhouse is a audio based social media platform.

Should I use my real name on clubhouse?

Yes, you can use your real name on Clubhouse.

Why is a clubhouse trending?

Because it lets its users stay connected in a more personable way than other social media apps.

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