Search Engine Announced To Take On Google Search

Published is an infant search engine aspiring to give tough competition to Google. It has an edge over its contemporaries as it does not show the advertisements nor it collects personal information.  You can use it without any email id and password. There were already many search engines that always wanted to compete with Google-like DuckDuckGo, Bing, etc. But now is on the verge of joining the line and getting into the race in the market.

It’s a helpful tool to assist you in browsing information on the internet. The Salesforce Chief Scientist Richard Socher is the founder of and promises that this search engine, unlike others will provide only relevant search results uninterrupted by advertisements. Moreover, the search engine ensures the user’s privacy, and that sets it apart from others.

The results which are convenient and needed are only displayed in the search results. uses AI to provide the most suitable results to the users at a breakneck speed.

Now let’s focus on some of the prime benefits that imparts its users. These points might help you take a closer look at it and might even convince you to start using it for exploring content on the internet. – Exercise control over your information aims at providing, uninterrupted, relevant results. It does not facilitate paid content on the web. Therefore, it rests no interest in collecting personal data from the users. Rather it grants users the authority to control the information you want to share and customize their experience on the site. They have made it clear that they are not going to use users’ information for their profit. And these promises completely eradicate the chances of your privacy getting exploited.

Get authentic reviews

Since the search engine abstains from promoting paid content, it assures users of providing genuine results. These include unbiased reviews of products, restaurants, and other places to help users to make an informed decision before purchasing a product or visiting the place.

Get Apt search results understands that in the pool of manipulative paid content; it has become extremely difficult to get information that can be trusted. So, it has stepped forward with a motto to be true to its perspective and display the most suitable results. It has been designed thoughtfully to produce results at a lightning speed. Moreover, the use of AI ensures the precision and accuracy of the search results. So any information you find in response to your query can be trusted with shut eyes.

Conclusion makes it easier for the user as they guide them while they select the specific product, customers can make the correct decision accordingly. Today there is a need to have a trusted search engine that caters to all the needs and is user-friendly. More and more people are looking up for such options to get their work done seamlessly.

The user itself has full control over the data and the things they do. The beta version testing is in the process and the search engine is quite promising as per the statements they have put forth.

Seeing the features and services, it endeavors to provide the path to the top that appears clutter-free. What remains is the search engine getting released to the market and people starting to use it. The market is competitive and it needs to strive really hard to succeed. Nevertheless, if it sincerely follows its mission of shoving aside biased, paid content to provide users with genuine and relevant results and protect their privacy, it’s going to be a roaring success in no time.

By Vishal Negal

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