YouTube Widgets For iOS Lets You Search Subscriptions Quickly

YouTube Widgets For iOS

We have got YouTube widgets for iOS. YouTube has developed a new version of its app which can let you search subscriptions and shorts through widgets from the iPhone’s home screen. This will save you time and provide quick results for any kind of video. If you are a huge YouTube fan, you will appreciate this feature a lot.

YouTube Widgets For iOS

You will be able to see an option named “Search YouTube” to open the User Interface of YouTube to search any keyword you want. You can also click the mic icon to give voice commands. One more widget will be there which will allow you to enter short text.

YouTube Widget

The latest introduction by YT handles let you interact with Google creators easily on any of their streaming platforms. This “handles” feature can be seen on their channel page and shorts so that, you can engage with your favorite creators. This has made it easier to mention anyone in the comment, video description, community post, etc. Hopefully, people will use this feature to appreciate each other instead of roasting.

For instance, you can give a shout-out to your creators in the comments or even tag them in titles. This will help those creators to gain more spotlight and viewership. YouTube has said that Handles help creators to create a unique identity for themselves or their brand. This makes them different from others. This is useful because lately many new creators try to copy other well-known creators to get their success.

What do you think about these features? Do you think YouTube is going far and beyond and making too many features that many people don’t care about? We all use YouTube to watch videos and that’s it. Some don’t have time to interact with creators. But maybe such features can help the platform to be more active and fun. Let us know your thoughts on YouTube widgets for iOS.

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