Ancient City In Minecraft [Everything We Know]

Ancient City In Minecraft

Let’s talk about the ancient city in Minecraft. This city was first introduced in the 1.19 Minecraft update based on the wild theme. It can only be found in the wilderness of the forest. The exploration of this area comes with great danger. Gather up your gear and eat what you can. If you run towards this city, you might get confused. We are here to sort things out. Let’s start with our short guide to learning all about ancient cities.

How Can You Find This Ancient City In Minecraft?

Ancient cities can be very rare to find at first. Yes, it is hard to find them but it is not impossible. We will learn how you can use some techniques to find. The most common level to find these cities is at -52 Y level. They also spawn under mountains. One thing to keep in mind is that whenever you find a dark and deep biome doesn’t mean you are anywhere near the city.

The easiest way to find this city is by going into the command section and typing “/locate: AncientCity”. The game will automatically show you the nearest city but won’t give Y-level coordinates. Get to the coordinate and start digging downwards. As you go down your Y level will go in negative sign. Be careful not to dig straight down because you can fall and die.

Redstone Room

In the ancient city, you will find a secret hidden room which is called the Redstone Room. It can be located under a wooden bridge near a giant structure. Usually, this giant structure is located at the center.

Redstone Room

At the entrance, you will see two stairways under the wooden bridge. If you like, just destroy the nearby walls of the stairs or simply go to the left side door to set off the Redstone by making some sort of noise. Usually eating noise can work.

Set Off The Redstone

When you get inside, you can see the key rooms. The right side room will show you how the Redstone is able to move through non-solid and solid blocks.

Enter The Key Rooms

If you decide to go to the left room, you will see a setup made using Redstone. You will see a lectern. If you put a book on it, it will generate power for light. This simply shows that the lectern can be used as a power source for Redstone.

Put Book On Lectern

Behind that, you will see another source, which is a target block. You can see a Redstone block with Redstone lamps. You can make Redstone Lamp in Minecraft. This simply tells you how target blocks can come in handy to use as a power source.

Use It As Power Source

The last room you will find will show you another setup made by Redstone that shows how you can open doors just before entering.

Doors Will Open Automatically

There is much more to learn about ancient cities. Better if you go there by yourself. Just take everything you need for survival because the ancient city in Minecraft is one of the most dangerous places.

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