Best Minecraft Mods [Updated List For This Year]

Best Minecraft Mods

Today, we are here to show you the best Minecraft mods. Every time someone plays Minecraft they start a completely unique world and gameplay. But due to some Minecraft mods, the game reaches a whole new level. The game is now 12 years old but still stays strong among other sandbox games. No matter why you like the game, you will find a mod that suits your taste. The vanilla is one of the best versions of Minecraft but mods will make you want to revisit the game again.

The below list will show you the best mods for Minecraft. For your convenience, we have divided them into different parts and sections.

Best Minecraft Mods for Performance

1. FastCraft/Optifine


With this mod, you get more control over your graphic settings and it also supports HD textures. Before you use the Minecraft shaders, you will need to have the optifine mod. But even without shaders, you will see major differences in lighting, textures, and performance. Optifine is compatible with most PCs but if your setup is way below average then consider picking up FastCraft mod. This mod will help you get more FPS on low-end PCs even if you have installed multiple mods.

2. Just Enough Items

Just Enough Items

Are you tired of searching for recipes and crafting material on Google every time you play Minecraft? If yes, you can start playing the game with the Just Enough Items mod. This mod lets you have a recipe book in the inventory of your Minecraft. A simple change that enhances your Minecraft experience.

3. Jade


This mod is very useful when a player adds multiple mods to the game. After a couple of mods, you can’t even realize what you are looking at. The Jade mod will tell you what item is in front of you and give some details on the same. For example, if you stare at a chest you will see the name and contents of the chest.

4. Journeymap


Everyone likes to know where they’re going. Journeymap lets you mark waypoints of interest, warn you when mobs are sneaking up behind you, and even maps your world as you explore. You can view the resulting map in an external web browser, in-game as a minimap, or in fullscreen.

5. Enchantment Description

Enchantment Description

You might be one of those who just don’t understand what your enchanted sword does. This mod will help you understand what type of enchantment your tools have at a glance. The mod will also show you enchantments that are bought through other mods.

Best Minecraft Mods for Build and Items

1. Chisel


Do you want to give amazing textures to your blocks? Then chisel is a great way to do so. They provide a large range of industrial-style textures. This is a great mod where your gameplay is not affected but the look of your game will change.

2. Framed Blocks

Framed Blocks

Minecraft world is made out of cubes and they are great but sometimes you want to see something else. This mod will bring tons of new things to Minecraft. Better than this, the mod allows you to customize textures. You can hold any block and click right on the mouse while aiming at another block to change its texture. This means if you want a flower pot made out of a stone you can hold the stone and right-click on the flower pot.

3. Little Tiles

Little Tiles

Many of us enjoy the game because it has some sort of limits. But we have little tiles that allow us to go beyond those limits and play by using tiny pixels. This mod lets you be more creative and flexible and you can create many things that can have movable parts. Your build even contains twinking lighting and much more.

4. Pam’s Havercroft 2

Pam’s Havercroft 2

This mod is not popular for building gameplay but it does increase the size of your Minecraft menu. The older version of Pam’s Havercroft can still be playable on the Minecraft version of 1.12. This version brings 4 types of sections in the mod that are Crops, Food core, Food extended, and Trees. This mod brings food that is both balanced and lavished. If you want to make it more intense, you can add two more mods called Spice of Life and Hunger Overhaul that will punish you whenever you eat something bad.

5. Decocraft


We try to use slabs and stairs to make tables, chairs, or sofas. But there is a certain limit that stops you from being more creative. But the Decocraft mod allows you to decorate your interior with more than 3000 items. This will include tables, chairs, bottles, bowls, toys, lamps, kitchen sinks, and much more. The mod developers also have their own Discord community which you can join.

6. Bibliocraft


This mod gives you blocks that are aesthetic by looks but they also have some functions. Mostly you will get bookshelves that are customized and some other cases are meant for display. Some shelves can be made which will hold your armor and awards. We also get a printing press that can add monocles.

Best Minecraft Mods for Ultimate Experience

1. Alex’s Mob

Alex’s Mob

Most Minecraft players want new mobs, animals, and other living creatures in the world of vanilla Minecraft. Instead of waiting for more years, you can just add this Alex’s mob mod to get a whole bunch of new animals. For more fun, they have created a mixture of real-life creatures and fictional creatures. You get tigers, kangaroos, bone serpents, etc. They are not only great in looks but also offer some extra mechanics and drop items.

2. Biomes O’ Plenty

Biomes O’ Plenty

Even though the original Minecraft has tons of biomes still you can get bored sometimes. This mod will add mass biomes in a blink. Not just in the normal world but also in the Nether. You will also receive new tools, armor, food, etc. New blocks are also a good collection for decoration.

3. RL Craft

RL Craft

For Minecraft, RL Craft is the most famous mod ever made. This mod gives you dragons and fairy elements in the game. The wide range of both adorable and terrifying mobs helps to give us a new sense of feeling while playing it. But this is not it, with these mobs you randomly run into dungeon types of structures and biomes which adds a good amount of survival mechanism to the game.

4. Immersive Portals

Immersive Portals

Many times we go through the nether portal not knowing what stands on the other side. For all, we know we could be greeted by a fireball as we step through the nether portal. To change this we have a mod named Immersive Portal that shows what lies on the other end instead of showing that purple.

5. Pixelmon

What if the two best things are merged together? Minecraft and Pokemon are two of the world’s most popular games. You can do this by using the Pixelmon mod. The Pokemons are brought into your world.

6. Better Minecraft

What Minecraft could be if it had more mobs, bosses, items, crops, and dimensions. This will be a whole new experience that you will get in a lifetime. Obviously, the classic vanilla game is great but still, some extra is fun. Try Better Minecraft and you will have something to play for 2-3 months.

7. Sky Factory 4

SkyFactory 4

This mod is based on the Sky block map. It lets you play on a floating Minecraft. The addition is extra crops, machines, and the most intriguing Magic.

Final Words

Did you find your favorite mod? A simple mod can change the way you play games. It makes it more fun and unpredictable. So these were our picks for the best Minecraft mods, if you have more in mind let us know in the suggestions.

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