What Is Apple Card Family And How Do You Use It?

Apple Card Family

Hello guys, welcome back to our high-tech page where you’ll get to know everything about the latest Apple Card. When it comes to staying in trend and implementing new technology, no one can give competition to Apple. Apple is a leading and one of the topmost companies in the world. Recently, Apple discovered the Apple Card Family.

What Is Apple Card Family?

Apple Card Family is a feature in which you can share the Apple Card with your family and you can also check all the transactions all in one place. This was released in May 2021 along with iOS 14.6. Due to this feature, two people can co-own one Apple card. So, the family with two parents and three kids could pay their bills together by sharing the Apple Card.

How Does Apple Card Family Work?

Apple invented this with Goldman Sachs and they discuss all the terms and conditions. This new feature is designed to help the families to credit together, so they can manage it in the group. Another reason behind this is to provide greater transparency when it comes to credit. You can add five people to your group by sharing your Apple Card using your Apple Wallet.

The minimum age required to become a member of the group is 13 or older. And, you must be at least 18 or older to be a co-owner. One condition is that co-owners are responsible for payment even if one of them doesn’t pay and the co-owner has the right to set limitations on purchasing.

In other words, being a co-owner is like having a joint account. While members in the group are like those who can buy things but aren’t responsible for the card. You can track all the transaction history on your phone.

You can calculate the total monthly amount spent and you can use filters to track your records. Although, you have to pay extra interest in case of late payments. This feature is a revolutionary technology in the modern world.

What users can do with this feature?

  • You can add or remove participants.
  • One can track all the activities.
  • You’ll get a notification on participants’ spending.
  • You can set a limit on spending to avoid unnecessary credits.

What participants can do as a part of the Apple Card Family?

  • Participants can spend up to the limit as the limit is set by the co-owner.
  • Participants can view transactions and account information.

Well, Apple has another surprise too. Yes, you heard that right. There is another type named ‘Titanium Apple Card‘. You must be 18 or older to co-own or to become a participant of Titanium Apple Card. You need a compatible iPhone with the latest iOS version and the Apple Card Family sharing enabled.

One can simply apply for an Apple Card from an iOS device or the web. Once you have done this, you can add five members to your groups as participants. Now, you have an Apple Card. Feel safe to pay the bills.

You need to know that the Apple Card Family is available only in the USA as the decision was taken in May 2021.

Final Words

We hope you have got all the necessary information about the Apple Card Family. You must try this new way to pay your bills in the group. We are giving our best.  Share this so you can help your friends and relatives.

Apple is updating lifestyles more easily and securely. This card is very useful and secure. If you are facing any difficulty in applying for an Apple Card, let us know in the comment section. We will try to answer you as early as possible and stay tuned for more updates.

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