Apple To Roll Out 5G Software Update In December In India

Roll Out 5G Software

India is starting to experiment with 5G in major metropolitan cities. They have started a well-mannered plan in these cities. According to Apple, the 5G capabilities on iPhone will be offered in December. The company reported to IANS that they are working hard with their third-party companies to create the best user experience for 5G in India.

“We are still working hard with carrier partners who will help to bring the perfect 5G experience in India for iPhone users. This will be done after the performance and quality testing is done with network validation.” similar statement given by Apple to IANS.

When Apple will roll out 5G software update?

Apple will roll out 5G software update in December. They already have the hardware in the latest iPhone, just need to update the software once they are ready. The software update will be available to only iPhone SE 3rd Gen, iPhone 12, 13, and 14. If you don’t have these models, you can’t use the 5G experience.

Apple is currently testing the 5G with its carrier partners. So they can develop the best 5G experience on any smartphone. The iPhone is promising users to offer extremely fast uploading and downloading with non-stop streaming and quick sharing of content. The iPhone 5G support for carriers stands currently at 250 partners with 70 marketing all around the globe. This will have expanded support of standalone networks.

The Indian government decided to meet with a few telecom providers and some manufacturers. This meeting was held to discuss the surety of smooth service and a good transition that should be done from 4G to 5G. They should focus on their software to have the best 5G.

While Apple works on its service, Airtel and Jio have already started their work on the 5G service in various cities. (The statement given by Apple to IANS is edited).

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