10 Best GoPro Hero 8 Black Alternatives [Updated List]

Best GoPro Hero 8 Black Alternatives

Looking for an action camera you can go rough with or something that promises a trouble-free experience in all possible environments or you wish to know some Best GoPro Hero 8 Black Alternatives? Hang in there, as we bring you answers to both.

You must have heard of the GoPro Hero 8 Black as GoPro has become synonymous with action cameras because of its versatility, durability, highly intuitive interface, and also the fact it is known as the king of action cameras. Let’s look at a few points which make GoPro Hero 8 Black a go-to action camera and then we proceed to look at some best GoPro Hero 8 Black alternatives.

What is GoPro Hero 8 Black famous for?

  • Bombproof construction
  • Reasonable post-production via the app
  • Ability to shoot 4K videos at 60FPS
  • Presets’ modes produce superb yields
  • The frameless design makes it sleeker
  • The new Hyper Smooth 2.0 stabilization tech

What are the Best GoPro Hero 8 Black Alternatives?

The GoPro Hero 8 Black alternatives listed below are very well researched, they offer outstanding stabilization and hosts unique aspects. The list below will have a range of activities and sports cameras listed mainly for their video excellence and expense.

List of Best Alternatives for GoPro Hero 8 Black

The cameras listed are well known for their sturdiness, effectiveness, and their ability to function in all possible settings. In all, you are assured that whatever you find below is truly one of its kind.

1. GoPro Hero 9 Black (Successor of Hero 8 Black)

GoPro Hero 9 Black (Successor of Hero 8 Black)
  • The GoPro Hero 9 Black is a device that checks all the boxes for an action camera and can be one of the best GoPro Hero 8 Black alternatives for you to opt for.
  • With a 1.4-inch front display, it brings a considerable shift in terms of design.
  • You can shoot 5K videos and click 20MP images.
  • Provides improved HyperSmooth 3.0 tech for a smooth capture.
  • It is bulky due to its large rear display and battery strength.

2. DJI OSMO Action

  • Its powerful hardware guarantees you everything you have been looking for to document your action-packed lifestyle making this also one of the best GoPro Hero 8 Black alternatives.
  • To give you a little idea of the company, DJI is a celebrated name when it comes to making devices well built for aerial photography, DJI is a company which has given to the market some of the best drones we know.
  • Now DJI OSMO Action camera has a waterproof metal frame, dual screens and its grippy attachments make it easy to hold.
  • Has excellent image stabilization, can shoot 4K videos at 60FPS with RockSteady (DJI edition of Hypersmooth) that gives smooth footage and has multiple shooting modes.

3. Campark X30 (2020)

Campark X30 (2020)
  • One of the most modern-looking action cameras out there in the market presently.
  • If you love to go swimming, surfing or snorkeling then this action camera might be a great companion, bringing it in the race of being one of the best GoPro Hero 8 Black alternatives.
  • A wider-angle view of more than 150 degrees, a separate waterproof case which increases the underwater depth to 131 feet.
  • It comes with a 2.0-inch LCD touch screen which is very promising.
  • Campark X30 offers 4K video recording at 60FPS and 4K at 30FPS with both EIS and OIS.

4. Ricoh Theta V

Ricoh Theta V
  • This one is a newbie in the market of action and sports cameras.
  • Comes with an advanced model, with improved video quality, extensibility, and transfer speed.
  • Has sharp 4K shooting, shoots 4K 360-degree videos at 30 fps, and has many shooting scenarios.
  • Its spherical camera helps you shoot great 360-degree videos.
  • It is prepared with a 4-channel microphone and uses Qualcomm’s “Snapdragon™”.
  • It is an affordable and one promising one in the row of one of the best GoPro Hero 8 Black alternatives.

5. AKASO Brave 7

AKASO Brave 7
  • This one is a cheaper one when it comes to being one of the best GoPro Hero 8 Black alternative available, it offers super steady videos in 4K at 30FPS.
  • Provides highly stable footage with various angles and vivid touch screen.
  • Comes with a waterproof case and can function at a depth of 131 feet.

6. Olympus Tough TG-6

Olympus Tough TG-6
  • Comes with a rugged exterior making it durable in all kinds of rough environments, has powerful hardware.
  • It is waterproof up to 50ft, shockproof within the range of 7ft, crushproof up to 100kgf, freeze proof up to -10 degree Celsius, has an anti-fog system, and more.
  • It can shoot 4K video at 60FPS and 120FPS at 1080p.
  • The camera is equipped with GPS, accelerometer, barometer, compass, and more.

7. Garmin VIRB Ultra 360

Garmin VIRB Ultra 360
  • Garmin VIRB Ultra 360 stands out for its ability to shoot 5.7K videos at 30fps.
  • It can also shoot standard 4K videos at the same frame-rate with in-camera stitching.
  • It is a very capable camera as it has 4 built-in microphones and has 360-degree audio, ensuring smooth videos regardless of motion.
  • Comes with a voice assistant that responds to “Ok Garmin”.

8. Drift Ghost X

Drift Ghost X
  • Drift Ghost X is an action camera designed to make your shooting process a piece of cake.
  •  It shoots 4K videos, can record 1080p videos up to 30FPS.
  • Has video stabilization is available with both OIS and EIS support.
  • Its dual-mic feature enables excellent sound recording and noise cancellation.
  • In all Drift, Ghost is one of the best GoPro Hero 8 Black alternatives for bikers because of its first-party accessories like a helmet mount, collapsible mounts, suction cups, etc.

9. Sony FDR-X3000

Sony FDR-X3000
  • Known for its compact and lightweight build with selectable viewing angles.
  • Has inbuilt microphones, comes with a 12MP Carl Zeiss premium lens and advanced stabilization techniques.
  • You can shoot 4K at 30FPS and are facilitated with Hyper Smooth.

10. Insta360 ONE R

Insta360 ONE R
  • Insta360 ONE R seems to be the one remaking the game creating some extraordinary and innovative footage.
  • It is also a 360-degree camera along with an action camera and has a wider field of view.
  • Insta360 ONE R can support video recording up to a resolution of 5.7K and can also take 4K videos at 60FPS.
  • It has a new feature called Flow state stabilization (similar to Hyper Smooth), which enhances the ability of both hardware and software to capture smooth footage.
  • The best part about Insta360 is the fascinating accessories it comes with for example the Drifter, Invisible Selfie stick, and many more.
  • If you are baffled with so much information and still can’t decide which one is the one for you from all the best GoPro Hero 8 Black alternatives listed above. Don’t fret, as we are going to answer some frequently asked questions to clear your mind and ease your search.
Which of all the above-mentioned GoPro Hero 8 Black alternatives, is the best?

Depends solely on your purpose but if you ask us then DJI OSMO can be the one as it is all in one kind of a device. It ensures both an affordable price and advanced technology.

Who do you think stands as Go Pro’s biggest opponent in the market?

On analyzing the markets of action and sports cameras it stands out that DJI is the biggest opponent of GoPro making its DJI OSMO Action one of the best GoPro Hero 8 Black alternatives.

Which one of the above alternatives is best for documenting activities like swimming and surfing?

For such objectives particularly you can go for Campark X30 (2020).

What is a drifter, and how is it useful?

A drifter is a device that comes as an addition with the Insta360 One R, you can throw a drifter anywhere for taking slow-motion videos while on a flight.

What brings Ricoh Theta V to the list of one of the best GoPro Hero 8 Black alternatives?

With the remote-control aspect, it is a great companion for underwater divers as it can withstand abrasions, Ricoh Theta V can shoot high-definition 360-degree videos making it one of the best alternatives of GoPro Hero 8.

Can you suggest the most reasonable action camera that equals GoPro Hero 8 in features?

The most pocket-friendly, user-friendly action cameras that equal GoPro Hero 8 are AKASO Brave 7 and Campark X30, either of the two can serve your purpose.

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