How To Find Coal In Minecraft? [Detailed Guide]

Find Coal In Minecraft

Just started playing Minecraft? Want to know how to find coal in Minecraft? We are here. Minecraft seems like a child’s play during daylight but after sunset, you start to hear noises. That’s when you need some light in the room. For light, you need coal. And we are here to teach you how to find coal effectively and quickly.

Coal is the best fuel you can find in the game. You need it from day one till the end. Everything gets easier if you have a chest filled with coal. But before that, there is some work we will have to do.

Methods to find Coal in Minecraft

There are many Minecraft ores but coal is the most needed one. It acts like fuel and is needed for everything. We will see the crafting and uses of coal.

Method 1: Spawning Location of Coal

Usually, you get coal almost everywhere in Minecraft. In the mountains, bottom of lakes, caves, ground, etc. But there are three more things which can offer you coal. Chest, mobs, and mining are some of the ways you get coal. Here is a more detailed list.

  • Mineshafts
  • Dungeons
  • Igloos
  • Village
  • Woodland Mansion
  • Ancient City
  • Shipwrecks
  • Strongholds
  • Underwater Ruins

Underwater Ruins and igloos are the two places that will offer you the most coal. But the Ancient Cities in Minecraft can have up to 15 coals in a chest at a time. The other places will give you 8 coal pieces at best.

Method 2: Find Coal in Minecraft by Mining (easiest and effective)

This is the best way of getting coal and you won’t require hours to get a handful. Just go into a cave and you will see coal ore everywhere. Of course, as time goes the cave system near you will lack coal. This will make you travel a bit far away from home. But using a good pickaxe with enchantment can help you get multiple pieces of coal with each mine.

Coal Ore

Also, the exploration process makes the gameplay even more fun. But just in case you don’t like to explore things much, you can try to kill mobs. If you are in the mountain, you can find coal at the height of Y136 and Y320. But if you want to find coal at a ground margin, you will have to find it at the height Y0 to Y190. Another place to find coal is inside the walls and grounds. These pieces are hidden from eyesight. Truthfully finding coal is easy in most places. But for best results try mining at a height of Y95.

Method 3: Making Coal in Minecraft

This is a weird way to get coal because of how easy it can be to find it anywhere in the Minecraft world. But still, if you find a rare block of coal in a chest or something, you can try placing it over a crafting table to get 9 coal pieces. Also if you want, you can use the silk touch ability of a pickaxe to mine coal in block form and smelt it in a furnace to convert it into coal pieces.

Crafting Coal

But if you play Minecraft on survival servers or maps you should just avoid this method. Because instead of nine, you only get one piece of coal from a block. Better to mine it. This method will be wasteful in those worlds.

Method 4: Kill Mobs to Obtain Coal

If the above methods somehow don’t fall into your category, you can try to kill hostile mobs in Minecraft. But there is one catch. You will have to fight Wither skeleton mob for that. Only this mob gives you coal after dying. They can be seen in the Nether world of Minecraft. Also, they are quite powerful which makes it harder to kill them.

You can try to make a wither farm for an unlimited supply of coal. This will ensure your safety and give you sufficient coal. But this method asks for a lot of expenses and the chances of profit are low. You will need food and time to do all this for some pieces of coal. Better to do this the old fashion way, the Minecraft way of mining.

Usage of Coal in Minecraft

After getting the coal, now you need to learn how to use it. There are three major ways you will need to use coal. The first is Fuel. You use coal to smelt materials and cook food in a furnace. The second method is Crafting. While building some stuff you will need coal. For example, your handy torch can be made using coal.

The third is TRADING. Various Minecraft merchants and villagers will ask for coal in return for emeralds. You can collect tons of coal to earn some Minecraft currency.

Making Torch from Coal

The first thing you will try to use coal is for torches. You need light in the darkness. If you play survival mode, not only do you need torches inside your home but also nearby your area. Here is a simple recipe to make torches.

Open your crafting table and place some coal in the middle box of it. Place some sticks underneath the coal box. You will get a torch symbol on the right side of the screen. For one coal and one stick, you get four torches. If you want something cool, you can try placing a soul block underneath the stick and coal to make a torch that has a blue color.

Crafting Of Torch

Other craftable things from Coal

  • Block of Coal: To save up space, you can try turning 9 pieces of coal into a single block. Place 9 pieces of coal in each box of the crafting table to get one coal block.
  • Campfire: You will need some sticks and log blocks to create a campfire. It looks cool and can be a good decoration near the house.
  • Fire Charge: Coal and blaze powder with some gunpowder can create an incredible fire charge. This can be helpful to start the nether portals.


Now, you know the ways and uses of coal in Minecraft. Coal is one of the best and most useful materials in the game. It might not look much important at first but you will need coal once you start playing the game seriously. Which method helped you to find coal in Minecraft? Tell us in the comment section.

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