9 Best SwiftKey Alternatives For Android And iOS Devices

Best SwiftKey Alternatives

Here’s the list of best SwiftKey alternatives

Talking about the coolest keyboard applications out there, SwiftKey really outdid its capacity. Right from offering a wide variety of themes to personalized and customizable backdrops for our keyboards. Furthermore, one can switch between various languages and share plenty of gifs and emojis while texting to make their conversation a tad bit interesting. However, keeping up with the facts, SwiftKey is not very easy to use.

This is because of a bunch of features it offers, not everyone may get their hands on it. Also, after a lot of bitter batter on the line of its security factors, a change and switch of application have become more than necessary to consider. So, if you are someone who is looking for an alternative on similar grounds, we have come up with the best SwiftKey alternatives for you to choose from. Without any further delay, let’s dive in.

List of Best SwiftKey Alternatives

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the best SwiftKey alternatives you can actually opt for. Users can make minute customizations right from the tone of the text to whom so ever it is addressed to. You can adjust your goals in order to get the perfect and customized grammatical rectifications according to your needs. Furthermore, users can also set their language preference based on the country.

Grammarly is the perfect go-to tool that allows users to make a perfect and pitch friendly claim on their words, which is free from any errors and easily understandable with the use of rich language.

2. Gboard

If there is one such keyboard which has been at par and competition with SwiftKey, it has to be Gboard. One of the most widely accepted and extensively used keyboard is one of the most efficient and well-equipped developments made in terms of its functionality. Right from auto-correct to theme customisation, the keyboard let’s you adapt according to your needs.

The software has been developed in such a way that it is super easy to use and user friendly. Furthermore, the keyboard allows you to choose your preferred language and operate through the same.

3. Tasker

Tasker is no doubt one of the best SwiftKey alternatives, but, facing some facts, using this interface is not very easy. If you are someone who can handle a bit of complications, then Tasker will be a delightful experience.

But on the contrary, if you are not very good at understanding technology and its aspects, Tasker can be a task for you. Apart from this, Tasker comes in with in-built features that set it apart from the crowd. So, if this is something that interests you, opt for Tasker.

4. Chrooma

The best feature about Chrooma is its colour optimisation feature. Users can literally, pick and choose their specific colours and customise their own shades to use as themes. Furthermore, Chrooma also allows users to swiftly move from one feature to another without causing any lag.

Adding to its capabilities, the keyboard is equipped with a large library of stickers and gif’s which helps to spice up your conversations and adding more fun elements to it. On that note, Chrooma is one of the best SwiftKey alternatives to consider.

5. Fleksy

Fleksy is one of the highest-rated and high-end AI-based keyboard models available to users. It has some top-notch features and an amazing user interface to get your hands on. Right from basic features like auto-correct and spell check to high-end features, which include pinning pictures and other customizations, Fleksy has it all.

Furthermore, Fleksy has one of the fastest software and typing simulations. This indeed makes Fleksy one of the best SwiftKey alternatives for your devices.

6. FancyKey

FancyKey is the ideal option to SwiftKey on the slightest chance that you wish to take control of your keyboard entirely. You can make minute changes like personalizing your keyboard order, replacing a letter with your favourite emoji, and much more.

Talking on the composing forefront, the application is very easy to handle and compose. It does not have a backlash and completely supports your device speed by adapting to it. In totality, FancyKey is one of the best SwiftKey alternatives to consider for sure.

7. Kika

If you loved the customization aspect of SwiftKey Keyboard, then Kika is an amazing option for you. It specializes in this line and also has various in-built themes and other cool features to look through.

Gloating more than 8000 features, this console application lets you tweak the whole interface to your heart’s enjoying. Talking about composing a text, the application is smooth and does not give in any lag whatsoever. So, if customization is your thing, then Kika is the best SwiftKey alternative for you.

8. Go Keyboard

If you are someone who is specifically, considering these two options – personalization and swift keyboard experience as your prerequisite, then Go Keyboard is the best SwiftKey alternative for you. The application comes with umpteen number of features ad has a dedicated library for stickers, gifs, and other exciting features for users to get their hands on.

What’s more, is that this application allows multi-tasking and friendly customization experiences. So, if this is your cue, the Go Keyboard is the one for you.

9. iKeyboard

Last but not least on our list today will be iKeyboard. iKeyboard may not be as feature-packed as SwiftKey but it’s equally efficient when it comes to offering a simplified typing experience.

What’s more, is that this keyboard application is the support for multiple quick gestures which play a vital role in speeding up typing. For instance, you can use the sideslip gesture to easily switch symbols/letters and slide downward to get rid of the keyboard.


That’s all for today. Having a break out of a monotonous life is not just a need, but a necessity. Doesn’t matter, if the change is as small as changing your Keyboard. On that note, we hope we could give you a fair variety of keyboard options you can try out and consider. Do let us know about your favourite keyboard in the comment section below. In conclusion, we would just like to say, stay tuned on Fixing Port, your one-stop destination for all the cool updates and latest tech news.

Is SwiftKey better than Gboard?

Both applications are good in their own way. SwiftKey has good typing experience as compared to Gboard. Whereas Gboard is slightly better and faster than SwiftKey.

What can I use instead of SwiftKey?

You can use Gboard, Chrooma, Fleksy, Go Keyboard, etc instead of Swiftkey.

Why does Gboard used so much?

It’s just because it’s a Google application. People prefer Google applications first because of their trust in Google.

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