How To Build Beacon Pyramid In Minecraft? [Guide]

Build Beacon Pyramid In Minecraft

Today, we will see how you can build beacon pyramid in Minecraft. Any Minecraft player will tell you how hard it is to build a beacon pyramid. Having a beacon of your own will simply tell others you are a veteran Minecraft player. They are not just decorative pieces but also contain a lot of power. And to make these things, you will need to go up against one of the most powerful beings in Minecraft, the Wither.

Having a beacon around you will give you abilities such as regeneration, strength, haste, resistance, jumping boost, and speed. If you want a beacon to work properly, you will have to make a pyramid structure. This structure can be made in four different sizes which will have four different heights. Simply, the tallest pyramid will result in a much more powerful beacon and a wide range.

To know the four types of beacon sizes let’s just understand their base levels.

  • Biggest: 9×9 blocks
  • Medium: 7×7 blocks
  • Small: 5×5 blocks
  • Smallest: 3×3 blocks

For this article we are going with the biggest, we will see how you can make the 9×9 blocks pyramid.

Steps To Build Beacon Pyramid In Minecraft

Before we start, you need to know which material you will be using to make the beacon pyramid. You can make these beacon pyramids by using diamond, iron, emerald, gold, netherite. Remember, making the biggest beacon pyramid will take 9×9 blocks on a base level and above that layer, you will need 7×7 blocks then 5×5 blocks then 3×3 blocks, and lastly your beacon will rest on the top.

You will need 81 blocks of whichever material you choose to make the base level. But, just in case you don’t have 81 blocks of a single material, you can use multiple materials to make the lowest level of the pyramid.
Let’s start with the lowest base level. All layers will be in a square shape with all the sides being equal. The lowest level will have 9×9 blocks.

Now coming to the upper layer of 9×9. You will need 49 blocks. Again, you can mix. Above that, you will need 25 blocks. Lastly, the top layer will need 9 blocks.

You are done! You can now place your beacon on top of this pyramid to get the full effect. There are four layers and you can use four different materials to make this pyramid. It will look fun and creative. If you don’t have enough diamonds or emeralds, you can try this with gold or iron.

Beacon Pyramid

So, this was the step-by-step guide to build beacon pyramid in Minecraft. It is super easy and very fun to build. Not to say, the end result makes you super satisfied and proud.