7 Most Powerful Mobs In Minecraft

Most Powerful Mobs In Minecraft

Do you know which are the most powerful mobs in Minecraft? You must have played Minecraft, but do you know which is the strongest mob in the game? Minecraft is popular for its unlimited scale and creative survival aspects. The usual start of Minecraft is quite easy and maybe even calming. You gather materials, create a house, and survive. But as you progress through the game you will face off against enemies that are much more terrifying than ordinary mobs.

List Of Most Powerful Mobs In Minecraft

Mobs are present everywhere, they are in all three dimensions which are the Nether, Overworld, and The End. Some of them are Friendly, while some are neutral and hostile. Hostile mobs are strong and will attack you when in range. Friendly mobs are usually used to collect food and other materials. You can breed them for future use.

Let’s start off with our list.

1. Wither


The wither was introduced to players in the 1.4.2 update of Minecraft. The developers felt that the main boss of Minecraft needs a lot of time for a showdown. So, to maintain players’ satisfaction they made wither who is a mini-boss in Minecraft. Without a doubt, Wither is one of the strongest mobs in Minecraft. They drop a nether star which can be used to make beacons.

You don’t stumble upon this mob, instead, you have to make it if you want that nether star. After making the mob it will explode and start attacking any nearby mob.

Each attack of Wither can damage six hearts. If you play on Hard mode it will hit you with a withering effect. When you damage the wither enough it will spawn an armor around it which can be a bit annoying. Usually, players try to spawn wither where friendly mobs are present. Wither gets distracted and you can land multiple hits without taking any damage. He is one of the most powerful mobs in Minecraft.

2. Vindicator


Vindicator belongs to the villager raid mob family. They are hostile mobs and use an iron pickaxe to fight and kill you. Vindicators can be fought at raids in villages. They are also found inside the woodland mansions on various floors. You won’t come across them randomly, usually, you will know when you might face them. And make sure you are geared up to fight with them.

If you are playing on Hard Mode, you will lose up to ten hearts. Without a shield, you can not win against them. They are fast and quite powerful and that is why try to avoid them if you are new.

3. Piglin Brute

Piglin Brute

These things are some annoying pieces of pain. They are the cause of many deaths and are found in the nether dimension. Other piglins’ families might not attack you, especially if you are wearing gold. But the brutes don’t care about this.

Once you are in their range they will follow you until one of you dies. You won’t be able to distract them because they don’t care about gold. With the nether update, they have become one of the most powerful mobs in the game. They are usually located in Bastion Remnants and make sure you have a quick way out before entering their area.

4. Wither Skeleton

Wither Skeleton

These slim creatures are responsible for the deaths of many. They are spawned in the Nether Fortress and have a lot of strength and speed. The attacks are not enough, they have some potions effects on each attack which makes it harder for you to survive.

If we talk about damage, they only take away six of your hearts but their potion effect can deal more damage over time. Also, your health bar becomes black which means you can’t tell how much health you have left. They are scary enough and also spawn in the nether which is already a home for hostile mobs.

5. The Warden

The Warden

Warden is one of the newest and most horrifying creatures in Minecraft. The mob is blind and only listens to noise. It spawns in the dark caves and can be summoned by Sculk Shriekers. The warden has the ability to darken the whole area making players blind too. The warden uses echolocation to find you.

You can’t call this mob a mini-boss because developers made it super difficult to kill this mob and want you to be more cautious and sneaky. If he finds you, you are done for it. Hard Mode players pray they never run into the warden because even one blow of the warden can kill you.

This is becoming a nightmare for many players because the warden lives in the caves where every essential material is found in the game.

6. Ender Dragon

Ender Dragon

Ender dragon is the big baddy of Minecraft and is the most popular too. Beating this mob is equivalent to finishing the whole game. The main objective for you in Minecraft is to survive and upgrade yourself just so you can beat the ender dragon. The developers have not touched on the strengths of dragons but have worked on AI.

The dragon usually stays away and attacks from a long distance. The attacks cause seven hearts on hard mode. The dragon randomly rams into you, throwing fire and poison breath. Even uses its wings to launch you into the air so you can take fall damage. It keeps flying in circles making it difficult for you to aim. Also, there are towers nearby that constantly heal the dragon so you will have to destroy those before going after the mob.

7. Evoker


These mobs are magical and cast spells that can damage you. They are really difficult to deal with because their attack pattern is random. The spell can cause six hearts to your health and mostly you can’t outrun or dodge them. There are 3 different spells that they use.

They can attack you from long range and you can learn which spell they are going to use by looking at their hands. The evoker can cast a spell where spikes are spawned beneath you making you fall. In such cases, you should avoid standing near edges. They are also very common to find in the mansion. But you can deal with them in village raids too.

Strongest Mobs in Minecraft

Are you scared? Well, you are not alone my friend. We all try to avoid these mobs. But it is fun and is very rewarding when you actually kill them showing off your skills. If you play on Hard Mode then be careful and try to avoid these mobs. Let us know which mobs have annoyed you the most. Which are the most powerful mobs in Minecraft according to you?

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