You’re Following Too Fast Problem In TikTok [Fixing Guide]

Fix You're following too fast problem Tik Tok

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Hey my fellow TikTok users, in this article, you’ll find the correct solution to fix You’re following too fast problem in TikTok.

We all are TikTok users, am I right!? Hey, no judgments from me!

And we (including this writer) wants to be as popular as we can be on this platform.

So, in this light, we follow accounts in hopes of a follow back so that we can increase the number of followers on TikTok. But sometimes, a message is displayed to you that you are following too fast and then suddenly you are unable to follow any account.

We’ll discuss the problem below and also give, a well-researched solution for how to fix You’re following too fast problem. Here we go:

Fix You’re following Too fast problem

The main reason behind this problem is that in the earlier version of the app, people used to follow so much in hopes of a follow back, that there were so many accounts with hundreds, if not thousands, of fake followers.

TikTok decided to clamp down on it and thus, now their servers catch such activities.

But don’t worry, you won’t be banned from TikTok at all.

You’ll just be temporarily disallowed to follow any users for some time. This may last half an hour, 2 hours, 10 hours or upto a maximum of 3 days.

Solution or fix to the error:

To fix You’re following too fast problem in TikTok, you need to stop following people blindly. Instead, follow 3-4 people at a time and stop. Watch a video or let your phone rest for some time and then you can follow 3-4 more people.

This is the best solution to solve this issue and still get a decent following.

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We’ll like to finish the article by reiterating that the solution to the above issue is just patience on your part in following people on the app. Do that, and you’ll never face this error.

I hope your problem is now solved. Now, you can sit back, relax and enjoy TikTok.


Why does TikTok say “You’re following too fast”?

This error shows when you keep on following people blindly, then TikTok thinks that you are a bot and it temporarily blocks you from following.

Why does TikTok say “You’re commenting too fast?

This error shows when you keep on commenting without a pause, then TikTok thinks that your comments are spam and you are a bot.

How to fix the error “You’re following too fast”?

To fix this error you have to stop following people unnecessarily. Follow at most 5-6 at a time.