How To Install Ungoogled Chromium On Windows, MacOS, And Linux?

Install Ungoogled Chromium

In the list of best alternatives for Google Chrome, chromium is probably the most recommended. As we know we get the same features and services that we get from Google Chrome than why should we change to Chromium? Most of the users switch to Chromium due to security purposes. As we know that privacy is the main concern for people nowadays. So, jumping from Google Chrome to install Ungoogled Chromium is always a better option.

Ungoogled chromium was developed by Eloston, with an intention to give codes related to Google services.

Ungoogled chromium is an open-source and private network. Well whatever your reasons may be for installing Ungoogled chromium, we can make the complex steps very simple for you no matter on which device you want to install the Ungoogled Chromium.

Things you must know before switching to Ungoogled Chromium

The key reason for using Ungoogled chromium is to have more privacy. So, if you want to keep your data private you must protect them from outer threats. Constantly updating the Ungoggled Chromium will help you but like Google Chrome it won’t update automatically. So, you must take care that you update Ungoggled Chromium frequently. Other than that, Ungoogled chromium doesn’t let you install Chrome extensions, for that you should open this link and get a guide on how to add chrome extensions on Ungoogled Chromium.

As Ungoggled Chromium is an open-source network there is always a risk involved with tampered data. Well, in that case, you must take care of your data, nothing much can be done by Ungoggled Chromium, however, this is the rarest case to take place.

Steps To Install Ungoogled Chromium

You can install Ungoogled Chromium on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

On Windows

If you open the downloading page or the GitHub page of Ungoggled Chromium, you can see various options for setting up files. Choose the one that suits your PC, eg Windows 32- bit. If you don’t know about your system type of PC then you can check it in the properties.

Select Suitable Version For Windows
Download For Windows
  • Now look for the EXE file that is the one we have to download.
  • Once you are done with downloading the EXE file, you can Double-click on the EXE file to install. Now, you are set to use Ungoggled Chromium without Google interference.
  • You have to select the search engine for Ungoggled Chromium. Go to the Three Dot menu > Search Engine > Choose the search engine you want.
Click On Three Dots
Choose Desired Search Engine

On macOS

  • To download Ungoogled chromium in Mac, open this link.
  • Now, select the latest DMG file for macOS and run it.
Select Suitable Version For Mac
Download For Mac
  • Now, Ungoggled Chromium will be found in the Application Directory and you have got the Ungoggled Chromium working on your mac.
Ungoogled Chromium In App Directory
  • Follow the same process that was mentioned in Step 5 for Windows to unlock the necessary feature.

On Linux

For Linux, you can look for the Ungoggled Chromium that supports Linux Ubuntu, Arch Linux, Linux Manjaro, Debian, etc. Search for the Ungoggled Chromium that suits your specific Linux from the GitHub page.

Select Suitable Version For Linux
  • Now, Download the package and run the program.
Download For Linux
  • That was it now just open and check whether it is working or not.

Final words

So this was from our side, we have provided some simple steps to install Ungoggled Chromium. Some other key points to remember are that you have to do the necessary adjustments and know the limits of using Ungoggled Chromium over Google Chrome. Know your device and what kind of Ungoggled Chromium it supports.

Now you can use Ungoggled Chromium on Windows, macOS, and Linux and maintain your privacy. Well if you are a normal user then you must go for Google Chrome as it is well updated. If you are going with Ungoggled Chromium then you must keep an eye on the new updates and policies. Let us know if you found this piece of information useful.

Is Ungoogled Chromium safe?

Yes, Ungoogled Chromium is safe and secure.

Do Chrome apps work on Chromium?

Yes, it works on Chromium as you can use Chrome web store in Chromium.

Is Chromium safer than chrome?

Yes Chromium is safer than chrome as it provides best privacy protocols.