10 Best Free Word Processors [Updated List For This Year]

Best Free Word Processors

Word processors have always been a very useful tool whether you are writing a document or editing a document that is already written. Specifically, this present condition has been such that people are more into using word processors and PDF viewers just for the sake of online notes. Writers also find this an important part of their daily routine! Word processors come up with various features and some are either online or offline, according to their usage. Without extending this more, let’s just get into the best free word processors that you can use without any hindrance.

List Of Best Free Word Processors

Here’s the list of best free word processors that are easy to use.

1. Google Docs

Google Docs

If you are searching for a free word processor that can be utilized without any hassle, then Google Docs is the ideal choice. In contrast to other online word processors, Google Docs in reality is an application full of useful features. Google Docs is far better than some other word processor with regards to its utility.

So, if you are into writing anything, Google Docs is better than all other applications. It has some in-built formats to prepare resumes and Google forms, with some great editing features. You can read any document using this application, which is in the form of a DOC/DOCX file. And also, you can easily download and share your document in any format you want.

Google Docs is supported by Android, Mac, iOS, and Windows. But remember, Google Docs doesn’t agree with MS Word organizing, even though it upholds DOC/DOCX file extension. With everything taken into account, if you are doing any kind of online work and need a writing pad for free that works effectively, then Google Docs is one of the best free word processors.

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2. Writer Plus

Writer Plus

Writer Plus (Write On the Go) is an application that can be used for writing purposes and assists you with composing notes, sonnets, books, and poems on tablets or cellphones. Using this application, you can write in various other languages including English, Russian, German, Chinese, and French.

It helps you to open, make changes, and save a document. It can be used for any kind of simple task and has limited options when it comes to features. This application allows you to utilize H3, H4, bold fonts, italicized fonts, lists that are numbered, bulleted, and many more. Writer Plus can be used on devices that support iOS, Android, Mac, OS X, and Windows.

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3. Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is an application that assists you to read, write and edit any document you want. With Microsoft Word, you have numerous options to make your document look great with its editing features, and the best part is that it works offline with just a one-time cost of installation.

It is similar to Google Docs, apart from the fact that Microsoft Word works offline and has diverse options to edit your document, which is not supported by Google Docs. This can also be called one of the best free word processors.

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4. Grammarly


How great would it be if you are getting an online word processor that can check your grammar and spelling mistakes too? Even though Microsoft Word and Google Docs can do this task, Grammarly is there to do it more comprehensively. Grammarly is a broadly utilized application used for writing and correcting your basic mistakes for free. This application is loved by many but if you are looking for an alternative, you can have a look at the best free Grammarly alternatives.

It offers you to correct your grammatical mistakes and use synonymous words that would be best suited for your written document. You can use Grammarly from your browser or download it on your device so that whenever you type anything, you can use that Grammarly keyboard to correct your errors instantly.

It helps in upgrading your writing ability by making you understand your mistake. It is a hassle-free application to work with and can be a great tool to learn grammar as well. Because whenever a flaw is pointed out, the reason behind calling it a ‘flaw’ is also mentioned. This can boost your confidence while writing as well. Even though it works online, still it has to be one of the best free word processors.

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5. Readable


Readable is a word processor that assists you with writing, correcting your basic grammatical mistakes, and checks the spelling of your content. It also suggests improvement that would enhance your content and writing skill as well. And also, dissect the quality of content.

Readable also permits you to share text, record scores, and sites. But, it supports the online version only, so you will have to access this application from the web browser. It can be a very simple tool for the ones who aren’t tech-savvy.

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6. Microsoft Word 365

Microsoft Word 365

Microsoft Word 365 is just like an online version of Microsoft Word. Other than that, it contains every other application of Microsoft package, which runs totally for free on an online mode. If you want to use the offline version, you are required to pay an amount to buy the package. Still, there are many dissimilarities between Microsoft Word 365 online variant and the Microsoft Word desktop application.

You don’t have abundant layout and editing options in the free form. Moreover, there is a problem of making the contents of a document disorganized if a different word file has been uploaded to edit it on Microsoft Word 365. Otherwise, it can be an acceptable application if you don’t have many tasks to perform, other than just writing.

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7. WPS Office

WPS Office

WPS Office is just like the above-mentioned word processor, which works for free. It does not contain just a word processor but also caters to make presentations and using excel sheets. It supports various features along with diverse options for creating and editing a document. You can get numerous templates as well for making resumes, writing letters, and many more.

It supports other editing options like changing font style, size, highlighting, aligning, bolding, italicizing, etc. Other than creating any document, you can edit an existing document on WPS Office and it will save the file according to the version it supports. Well, being a lightweight word processor, WPS Office can be recommended as one of the best free word processors.

But, when it comes to data breaking, then many official allegations were made against their organization. So, if you are not sure about its security policy, you have many other options to choose from. Moreover, the worst part of this application is it display ads.

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8. Apple Pages

Apple Pages

In case that you are an Apple user, then you do not have to worry about searching for a free word processor because you already have one on your device. With Pages, you can easily create a document for your writing purpose and edit it accordingly. You can change the font style, size, apply colors to them, change its alignment, create a table, add an image, or any other media file to make your word doc look presentable.

And the best part of all is that if you are exporting this file and using it on your PC, you don’t have to worry about your document getting disorganized due to a change in application. So, Pages can also be termed as one of the best free word processors.


9. LibreOffice


LibreOffice is an offline desktop word processor that is way more upgraded than Microsoft Word and all. So, it simply works faster than other applications. It offers you some better editing options, by creating tables differently and formatting in a better way round.

Other than that, the features are almost the same. The best part is that the files generated from LibreOffice are compatible with Microsoft Word. With better optimizing technology, this surely one of the best free word processors.

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10. Zoho Writer

Zoho Writer

Zoho Writer – one might not be very familiar with this name, but this word processor surely works nicely in online and offline mode on a PC. It might not have all the features just like Microsoft Word, but can be the best free word processor for the technophobic ones.

This application supports all the basic features of formatting a written document. Besides, Zoho Writer utilizes a special technology that helps to convert an existing document in such a way that its way of formatting will not be destroyed and keeps the original file safe as well.

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Based on the features, the above-mentioned applications are the best free word processors. Most people prefer using Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and WPS Office. But if you are not compatible with these, other applications along with usability have been given in the list. So pick wisely!

Is there a free program like Microsoft Word?

Yes, LibreOffice is a free program like Microsoft Word.

Is there a free word processor?

LibreOffice is a free word processor.

What’s the best free alternative to Microsoft Office?

LibreOffice is the best free alternative to Microsoft Office.

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