How To Tame Ocelot In Minecraft? [Step-By-Step Guide]

Tame Ocelot In Minecraft

How to tame Ocelot in Minecraft, is where many players are stuck. Ocelots are popular Minecraft creatures that live in jungle biomes. They first appeared in version 1.2 of the game. They hunt and catch mice in the same way as cats do.

The game mechanics for the Ocelot have been dramatically changed; making these massive cats much simpler to teach. The developers have also enhanced the frequency with which Ocelots emerge.

Steps to tame ocelot in Minecraft

  • Craft a fishing rod. Lay the sticks diagonally from top to bottom right on a crafting table, and hold the string vertically to the left.
  • Giving a raw fish to an ocelot will tame it. As a result, add the raw fish to your inventory and choose it from your Hotbar. Click the right trigger button one more when you see the bobber sink. To attract the ocelot, you’ll need at least twenty fishes.
Collect 20 Raw Fish
  • Find an ocelot. Forest biomes are home to ocelots. They have a bright color with black markings on them.
Find An Ocelot
  • Wait for the ocelot or cat to get closer. When you’re feeding raw fishes, Ocelot will most likely approach you. Don’t do anything that might be construed as a threat. Your character should be in an area with a minimum horizontal block area of 7×7. This will make the ocelot feel safe rather than imprisoned.
  • Place the raw fish in your toolbar and equip it by hitting the right and left trigger buttons on your controller or the appropriate number on your keyboard.
Hold Raw Fish
  • Approach the Ocelot with caution and deception. When attempting to tame an ocelot, never look it in the eyes. Keep your crosshairs away from it.
  • When an ocelot rotates around to face you, it may be a sign that they want to approach you. If feasible, standing is the ideal technique to attract the ocelot.
  • When the ocelot is within 5 blocks of you, stay still. Hold the uncooked fish in your hands without moving it or gazing the ocelot in the eyes. By right-clicking or hitting the left trigger button on your controller, you may feed it.
Feed The Raw Fish
  • Feed the ocelot until the heart is visible on top of the ocelot. The ocelot or cat has been effectively tamed when hearts appear over it. It may take several attempts to effectively tame ocelot in Minecraft.
Keep Feeding The Raw Fish

Bottom Line

This is all that you need to tame Ocelot In Minecraft. We also wrote an article on how to hide commands in Minecraft, go through the article if you are looking for the same.

Is Minecraft for free?

No, Minecraft is not free on Android & iOS.

Which version of Minecraft should I buy?

You should go for the Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.

Can you get Minecraft Java Edition for free?

No, you have to pay for Minecraft Java Edition.

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