How To Make Siri Mad? [With Hilarious Questions]

Make Siri Mad

It is funny to interact with Siri, it is funnier to make Siri mad as we do to our BFFs.

Siri, the iconic digital voice assistant integrated into Apple’s iPhones and iPads, is presumably recognizable to anybody who owns an Apple device. Despite the fact that she isn’t human, she is a really smart and funny artificially intelligent robot that is embedded into our iOS gadgets.

All iOS device owners have access to Siri, a smart speech assistant. To be honest, it’s worth mentioning that it’s more commonly utilized as a companion, buddy, or means to have fun than as a personal assistant. Have you ever experimented with asking Siri unusual questions? We believe yes, and you’ve received weird and amusing responses.

For a long time, the creators have kept a lot of amusing replies hidden inside the voice assistant, so you’ll feel like you’re talking to a real person.

Siri is frequently used to entertain us than as a personal assistant. While Siri can do a number of useful things, such as give you the news and weather, the internet is full of articles on how to make Siri rap, how to make Siri upset, and a variety of other crazy Siri tricks. People want to hear Siri swear or beatbox. They want the best hilarious questions to ask Siri, aside from Siri cracking a joke.

There’s almost no limit to what you can say to Siri. There are dozens of amusing things you can ask Siri and just as many humorous replies, whether you want Siri to give you a joke or get the AI upset.

Make Siri Mad With Personal Questions

If you’re looking for a way to irritate Siri, there’s one perfect strategy: ask specific questions about her. While this doesn’t cover the entire range of questions you may ask, here are a few examples of Siri-related questions to which she isn’t very receptive. Also, keep in mind that many of these have more than one reaction, so it’s worth repeating the process.

  • What do you have on?
  • Do you have a boyfriend?
  • How do you feel about Google Assistant?
  • What is your age?
  • Which animal is your favorite?
  • What does it cost to hire you?
  • Do you obey the three robotics laws?
  • Who is the most effective assistant?
  • What phone should I get, or what is the finest phone?
  • What makes you vibrate?
  • Are you a moron?
  • What is the most suitable timepiece?
Ask Siri Hilarious Question

Make Siri Mad By Asking Amusing Questions

An assistant is never expected or allowed to curse her master. In general, people either terminate or reprimand their assistant for misbehavior if it is the first time. But you wouldn’t be able to perform either of these things with Siri. If you ask some of the more sensitive questions, she may become enraged and curse you.

  • Do you own any animals?
  • Make something for me
  • Could you just prepare me a sandwich?
  • Which PC is the best?
  • What is the plot of Inception?
  • What are your plans for the evening?
  • Do you own a car?
  • Please tell me a story.
  • Is it true that you are Her?
  • Are you a machine?
  • What exactly does Siri imply?
  • When will the world come to a halt?
  • What is your most effective pick-up line?
  • My name is Siri, and I’m your father.
  • What is your all-time favorite film?
  • What exactly is the purpose of life?
  • How do I appear?
  • Do you have a family of your own?
  • Do you believe in the existence of God?
  • Where does Santa spend his time?
  • Why are firetrucks so brightly colored?
  • Is it possible to halt time?
  • What caused the chicken to cross the street?
  • What is the best operating system for a phone?
  • Will you be my wife?
  • Crack a joke for me.
  • Talk to me in a nasty way.
  • What is your favorite piece of music?
  • Sing a song for me.
  • Please dance for me.
  • Will you join me on a date?
  • Will you join me in the thunder?
  • Is winter on its way?
Ask Siri Weird Question

Make Siri Mad With Weird Questions

Aside from personal questions, there is a slew of other things that may irritate you, me, or Siri. After all, who wants to be praised by their competitors? Almost certainly not! So, Siri gets irritated when you talk about other people.

  • What do you prefer: Apple or Microsoft?
  • Is Windows or Mac better?
  • What are your thoughts on Google Now?
  • What are your thoughts on Cortana?
  • When will the world come to an end?
  • Was it the egg or the hen that came first?
  • Is there a Supreme Being?
  • Do you obey the three robotics laws?
  • Do you have a profile on Facebook?
Ask Siri Funny Question

Make Siri Mad With Hilarious Questions

Siri, like a human, can sing, provide directions, answer simple questions, and do a variety of other tasks. As a result, we should anticipate her to be irritated by the same things we are. Siri’s personality has a wide spectrum of shades, much like any other human’s, and there are various things that might make Siri angry. Because of her limitations and false impressions, conversing with Siri is a lot of fun, and the voice assistant’s creators have included a lot of humor as well.

  • Are you able to make me laugh?
  • What do you think a good knock-knock joke is?
  • Can you perform a song for me?
  • Is it possible for you to beatbox for me?
  • Who was it who let the hounds out?
  • What do owls have to say?
  • What does your given name mean?
  • What’s the most effective pick-up line?
  • Which video game is your personal favorite?
  • Have you been in a relationship before?
  • Who is the most effective virtual assistant?
  • What kind of fruit should I consume?
  • Do I have a decent appearance?
  • Could you please sing me a lullaby?
  • Will you be my Twitter follower?
  • What does the fox have to say about it?
  • Do you have any rapping skills?
  • What is your all-time favorite film?
  • How clever are you?
  • Is it possible for you to teach me how to swim?
  • Could you assist me with cleaning my room?
  • Do you consume fruits and vegetables?
  • What do you fantasize about in your sleep?
Ask Siri Private Question

Siri Responds In A New Way To Every Question

We’re not sure who came up with these hilarious questions to ask Siri, but the results are hilarious. She also has a good sense of humor. The best thing about this odd Siri function is that she may respond differently to the same question, allowing you to repeat it again and again. If you ask her out on a date, she could say she doesn’t date anyone.

Alternatively, she may inform you that she already has plans for the evening. If you ask her to tell you a joke or a tale, she has many to choose from. If you pry into her private life, you’ll be astonished by what she says.


It’s sometimes entertaining to draw a laugh out of Apple’s personal assistant Siri. When you ask Siri irritating questions or offend her, she may get puzzled, annoyed, or enraged. If you need a good chuckle, this is a terrific way to pass the time. Insults, awkward queries, and just plain weird questions can make Siri mad. Simply tap the Siri button on your iPhone, make some snarky remarks, and enjoy the laughs that ensue.

Can Google talk to Siri?

Yes, Google can talk to Siri.

Who is better Alexa or Siri?

Alexa is better than Siri.

Who is smarter Google or Siri?

Google is smarter than Siri.