Mark Zuckerberg Loses Half His Wealth, Now At The 20th Position

Mark Zuckerberg Loses Half His Wealth

We have all known Mark Zuckerberg since Facebook took off or since the alien memes started flooding the internet. Now the founder of one of the biggest social media platforms sits in the 20th position as the most affluent person on the planet. In the third quarter of 2022, Mark lost almost 50% of his wealth. With this sad news revolving around Mark, he announced that he and his wife are going to have a third baby soon.

Mark has taken a big hit for his reputation and success on Meta. His drop to the 20th position certainly doesn’t look good for him and the company. He has not dropped the rank since 2014 and is experiencing one of the lowest points in his career wealth-wise.

Just to be clear, he lost nearly 71 billion dollars. He had 106 billion dollars net worth which is now just 55.9 billion dollars. These figures may seem like a dream for most of us, but people like Zuckerberg don’t like going downhill. Losing half of its net worth might have shocked him at first.

The economy and world conditions have not only pulled down Mark but also many other wealthy personalities. Elon Musk has lost 6 billion dollars from his wealth while Melinda and Bill Gates have lost 26 and 27 billion dollars respectively. Amazon’s head Jeff Bezos also experienced a loss of 46 billion dollars.
This loss doesn’t put much of a bump in front of these personalities. But still, they will make sure they get back on top.

Just a few months ago Mark changed the name of Facebook to Meta. And this was the point when he saw a massive drop in his net worth. This made him go down 14 places in the richest person index. He was the third richest person in May 2020.

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