How To Use Dynamic Island On Android? [Easy Guide]

Use Dynamic Island On Android

Today, we will see how you can use Dynamic Island on Android. Apple always seems to come up with unique inventions and this year they have introduced their Dynamic Display. This is kind of a smart notch that helps you to do multi-tasks. The new notch system allows you to control and operate applications without opening them. On Android, you have to do most of the stuff on the notification bar. It is a lengthy process.

Now, this feature is not available on each smartphone. You need the iPhone 14 series for this feature. You exactly need iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max, both of them are above 1000$. But Android apps allow us to take a taste of this dynamic island feature. The thing is that iOS does not allow these apps which means all iPhone users can’t use them.

Method To Use Dynamic Island on Android

Since Apple held their event and showed us the new dynamic island feature, everyone went crazy. Of course, the Android app developers went much crazier and decided to bring this very “exclusive” feature to all Android phones. The app we are going to look at is DynamicSpot. This app tries to replicate the features and looks of the dynamic island.


Now, this is not completely free, you can download the app but you need to pay for some of the features.
The application displays a black pill shape right over your drop notch making it disappear. You won’t even notice the front camera once the dynamic spot occurs.

But one thing that might stand as a problem in front of some users is that the application right now does not work well with punch hole displays. The developers might add an update that will fix this, but till then you will have to make it work. There is an option that lets you adjust the dynamic spot to the right or left of the screen. But honestly, it looks a bit ugly.

To use the dynamic island on Android, you first need to give the app permission to notify and access. The actual app only covers 3MB in size and uses very low background performance. But also keep one thing in mind, these are similar to the real dynamic notch, not just like it. You will find some issues or it just might not look as you would have thought.

The app is still in its early stages and might glitch or crash. But it is definitely nice to see developers putting their efforts into an app like this. Do you think Android will officially update most of their phones so they can also have this feature? Are you going to use Dynamic island on Android, let us know.

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