Easiest Way To Get Nether Star In Minecraft [Guide]

Get Nether Star In Minecraft

Let’s see what is the easiest way to get Nether star in Minecraft. There are tons of things that Minecraft has to offer. Some of them are easy to get while some are way too difficult. Obviously, the difficult stuff is much more useful and valuable. Nether star is one of the most difficult items to collect in the game.

The item is hard to collect because you can’t craft or mine it. Instead you have to fight a terribly strong Minecraft mini boss. Let’s move ahead and see the easiest way possible which can get you a nether star.

Way To Get Nether Star In Minecraft

The one and only way to do this is by spawning the Wither boss and defeating it. The wither can fly and explodes upon spawning. It will attack any living entity around him.

To spawn the creature you will need soul sand to create a “T” shape with 3 skulls of wither skeletons placed on the “T.” To get a soul sand it is quite easy but to get the 3 skulls, you will have to roam around in the Nether dimension and fight off wither skeletons.

Place The Wither Skeleton Skulls

You can spawn the wither in a safe environment with tons of living entities around you to distract the monster and kill Wither in Minecraft. If you can create Pigman, you can use them to attack the Wither.

Using the Nether Star

Some players might frame the nether star in a photo frame. But, we went through all that chaos for a photo frame, right? Well, maybe you can do this when you have multiple of them.

To make a beacon you need a nether star. A beacon can give you permanent ability within a certain area. You can create beacons using materials like Gold, Emeralds, Diamonds, Irons or even all of them together. They look fantastic and definitely help you stay strong near your base.

So, are you ready to get your first nether star in Minecraft? They are no easy piece of cake, but a worthwhile item in the entire game. If you play hard mode, we recommend you getting a diamond armour before you go one on one with Wither. With that being said, that is the easiest way to get Nether star in Minecraft.