What Is Orange Dot On My iPhone? [Everything We Know]

Orange Dot On My iPhone

iPhone users may come across these questions many times; why is there an orange dot on my iPhone? What is the Orange dot on my iPhone? Hence to answer all these questions, this would be a very helpful article for you. Read it thoroughly.

Why Is There An Orange Dot On My iPhone?

The Orange dot that appears on the screen lets you know that any of the apps are accessing the microphone of your iPhone. One can not disable this function because it is a part of Apple’s privacy.

This orange dot feature has come up with an update of iOS 14 and one can even customize the same.

The orange dot at the top of your iPhone screen will appear only when an app uses the microphone. However, this orange dot is just an indicator of a new privacy feature. This is introduced with iOS 14. This orange dot will appear only when user’s use apps that are subjected to voice recording.

One can even see that dot while making some phone calls or while using voice text to dictate text messages to your family. Users will also see another green dot. However, that is for the camera. The green color dot lets you know that your phone’s camera is being used for facetime or any such applications.

Can You Disable the Orange Dot on the iPhone?

One cannot change or disable those Orange & Green dots on the iPhone. As it is part of the iPhone’s user privacy priority, one can not disable this feature. However one can change the shapes of orange and green dots to differentiate them.

Here’s the simple procedure to complete the same:-

  • Go to Settings > Accessibility.
Tap On Accessibility Option
  • Then, select the Display & Text Size option.
Tap On Display And Text Size
  • Search Differentiate without color option and push the slider to the right.
Toggle ON The Option
  • However, turning this slider will make the orange dot into an orange square.

Final Words

This way you can differentiate the green and red dots. Besides that, we hope this article would have helped you to get to know about what is Orange dot and what’s the use.

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Why does an orange dot appear when I make a call?

It appears when your iPhone’s microphone is being used.

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