How To See Someone’s Location On iPhone? [Guide]

See Someone's Location On iPhone

There are several ways to see a person’s location on an iPhone but most of them are unauthorized and using them might get the person in a lot of uninvited trouble. Well, don’t worry. In this article, we will tell you how you can see someone’s location on iPhone.

The only way to make any method safe to see someone’s location on an iPhone is by asking their permission beforehand, be they your own children, your lover, or even your parents suffering from Dementia. The app named “Find My” makes this authorized tracking a whole lot easier. It is safe to use as well as maintains the asked privacy of the person you’re trying to track.

Steps to see someone’s location on iPhone

Here are a few simple steps that can be helpful in seeing a person’s location on an iPhone.

  • First, open the Find My app and then tap on the People tab.
Tap On The People Option
  • Now, share your phone’s location by tapping the Start Sharing Location option. Also, the person you’re trying to track needs to have their phone’s location sharing on too.
Tap On Start Sharing Location
  • Before you actually get to start seeing the other person’s location, you need to ask for their consent through the app. For this, you need to select the person from your contact list and then tap on Send. You also need to send them a kind of friend request by tapping on the “Ask to follow location” option.
Tap On Send

Once the person accepts your friend request, you’ll start seeing their location. The thing to note here is that you cannot send a follow request to the person until and unless you’ve shared your own location with them.

Once you’re following the person, watching their location becomes a whole lot easier. You can also track the arrival and parting of the person from a specific area by geofencing the area.

What to do if you facing trouble using this feature?

Many times, you might find yourself unable to see the location of a person on an iPhone. This might happen because of several possible issues.

  • The first one is the most simple one, that is, your GPS or the person you’re trying to see the location of, is turned off or their phone is turned off.
  • It might also be possible that there’s a problem with your internet connectivity or they might have hidden their location from you by selecting such an option on the app.

Final Words

With this, we’d conclude the above article on how to see someone’s location on iPhone. Make sure to leave your reviews below. We also wrote an article on how to unsilence calls on iPhone. Go through the article if you are looking for the same.

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