PS4 Won’t Turn On? – Causes And Their Solutions

PS4 Won’t Turn On

Hello everyone! Welcome to yet another article on our website about all things tech. So, your PS4 won’t turn on? Well, you are in luck, as you have certainly landed at the right place.

As today, we are going to be exploring in-depth about one of the modern generation’s most popular gaming consoles i.e. PlayStation 4 and it’s related issues, causes, and their best possible solutions. Especially, if your PS4 won’t turn on. Because we know dear fellow gamer, about how annoying it could all be.

We will be discussing in this article first the problem behind the issues and what may be causing it, and then proceed to discuss the possible solution(s) for the same. So, fasten your seatbelts, and here we go!

PS4 won’t turn on – Causes and solutions

The problems and their possible solutions in this regard are varied and may be listed in the following way:

1. Issue within the PS4 software

First and foremost, we must discuss the issues raised due to the software itself, and not anything which is damaged physically.

We can sort out the issue by putting the console into the “safe mode“.

How to access “Safe mode”?

After connecting all the necessary wires into the console, long hold the power button. Once it beeps two times, you can let go of the button, as it is now into the safe mode. You will be able to see 7 distinct options in front of you.

Possible Solutions?

Once we are in the safe mode, one can begin working on the solution based on the 7 options mentioned above.

Undertake the following options in the given order only.

  • Restart PS4

The most basic action one can take with regards to it, or in fact any technology, is the age-old adage “restarting the device itself”. It may sort out the issue for most users.

  • Update System Software

If restarting your console doesn’t work out for you, then selecting the 3rd option is recommended.

Once selected, go on to enter “Update Using the Internet“. Your current system will be updated with the latest version (over the internet) and all the issues should go away.

  • Rebuild Database

If the previous 2 laid out methods don’t work out then, the selection of this option can be recommended. Selecting it is similar to selecting troubleshoot and it will accordingly, find out any issues or files which may be corrupted and begin working to fix them.

  • Initialize PS4

This must be your last resort, i.e. if nothing else works. It is a factory reset of sorts and it will delete all the files presently installed in your PS4 console i.e. your hard drive containing all the game files, saved files, images, and whatnot will be wiped clean. Along with those, your corrupt data will be cleaned away as well, and thereby, your console should work fine now.

Note: The remaining points mention are more about the physical aspects of why your PS4 won’t turn on, and not related to much software related issues.

Read on, if you are facing issues that are related to physical damage or anything which is not software related.

2. Low power

If you use an extension board to run your PS4 console, then the issue may be that the sockets are just not equipped to provide the requisite power to turn it on.


Plugging your PS4 console directly into the wall socket can help in bringing the requisite power to turn on your device smoothly.

3. Your power button may be broken

Note that we are talking only about the PS4 Slim consoles, i.e. consoles having a physical power button. The issues can be that it can be broken and thus, may make your efforts ineffective.


The solution is really simple: Go to a shop that repairs it. As simple as that really, as there is no other alternative for it. Physical damage has to be repaired and there is not much else that we can resort to.

4. Your power cable may be damaged

Your power cable is located on the rear side of your PS4 console and it goes directly into the power switch. In some cases, it may not be even damaged and instead, maybe just loose.


See if it can be put back in place and if it is damaged, then you can simply buy a new power cable and switch it with the old one.


In the end, we would like to conclude that there may be many issues due to which your PS4 won’t turn on. It can become too frustrating too soon and that is why we have listed in this article all the possible causes and their solutions.

Here’s us hoping that you found one of our solutions useful and can now operate your PS4 peacefully and smoothly.

In case of any doubt or any new issue which you may be facing with your PS4 console, use the comments section to let us know.

Stay tuned for more such articles from our side. We will see you next time.

How to turn on Safe mode on my PS4?

Hold the console’s power button for few seconds until it beeps again. Then the system will boot up and opens in Safe mode.

How long should a PS4 last?

Sony said that PlayStation 4 has almost 10 years of lifespan.

What does a hard reset do on PS4?

A hard reset erases all the data of the PS4 console. Make sure you already backed up your console’s data before doing a hard reset.