Microsoft Releases Its First Ever Surface Gaming Laptop

Surface Gaming Laptop

The Surface Gaming laptop is coming soon in 2022. According to many, this first-ever Surface gaming laptop will be enough at the event to blow everyone’s mind. One thing is that Surface laptops by Microsoft have pretty high specs. So everyone is eager to see how their gaming laptop will perform. Rumors are that the gaming rig will be available in two options. One will be an i5 processor and the other will have an i7.

The GPU, which all gamers want to be the best, is also a beast in this rig. It is said that Nvidia GeForce RTX3050 Ti will be available in the i5 variant. It will have 4GB GDDR6. On the other side, the i7 variant will have Nvidia’s GeForce RTX3070 Ti with 8GB of Memory and GDDR6 speed.

Some Specifications The Surface Gaming Laptop Might Have

The Surface series offered a two-in-one feature for the mobile experience. This gave us a good ecosystem. The weight and build of this product are also very good but, it will make it expensive. The specs were released by “The Prime Gaming”. The company itself has not announced the specs officially yet but, if the specs rumored are accurate then this laptop will rock the gaming industry.

Now, let’s talk about the display for a bit. We can get a pixel sense flow screen with a stunning refresh rate of 165Hz. The resolution is said to be 1440p which will support Dolby Vision. The battery performance for i5 is said to be 16 hours worth of backup. For the i7, it is said to be 15 hours. The power cable for i5 is 102W and 127W for the i7 model.

Weight is quite light in both models. But this also raises some concerns, especially regarding heating issues. Laptops that are thin and light might not have the best thermal control. Previous models were fine with the thermal issue, hopefully, they can keep the same performance for the Surface gaming laptops.