How To Turn Off AirPods Pro? [Detailed Information]

Turn Off AirPods Pro

A huge topic of discussion among almost all Apple users is whether you can turn off AirPods Pro or not. Well, the simple answer is that you cannot. Usually, people consider turning off their devices to save the battery of their devices. Since you cannot turn off AirPods; there are other ways to save the battery and those ways are discussed in this article. All the instructions given in this article are valid for AirPods Pro, AirPods (1st generation), AirPods with wireless charging case (2nd generation).

You Can’t Turn Off AirPods Pro Or Their Charging Case

As we’ve already mentioned, you cannot turn off AirPods Pro or the charging case in order to prevent them from working when not in use or in order to save their battery life.

The main motive behind the idea of not making a turning off button on your AirPods is that Apple wants the AirPods to be always ready. You just have to open the charging case, pull the earbuds out, put them in your ears, and start enjoying without the need of tapping a number of on-screen buttons.

If Apple would have created an off button; then every time you use your AirPods, you would have to turn them on by pressing a bunch of buttons and that certainly would have been very burdensome for most people. And that’s why Apple did not create a power down button either for the AirPods or their charging cases.

Note: There’s a button on the AirPods charging case that might look like an on/off button, but it is not. That button is used to reset or set up AirPods.

How to Conserve AirPods Battery Life?

Since there’s no way to turn off AirPods to stop it from working or in order to save its battery; there are some built-in features that help you in doing the same. The first thing people think about saving the battery of their devices is to switch them off. But as you know there’s no way to turn off AirPods Pro; you can simply put your AirPods back into its charging case when not in use.

Put AirPods In Charging Case

According to Apple, when the AirPods are in their charging case; they are in a way turned off and do not consume battery. In fact, they are recharged with the help of power left in the charging case’s battery. Even though Apple claims that AirPods are turned off when they are kept in their case; it actually means that it has just stopped working.

Use One AirPod at a Time to Conserve Battery Life

If you are in a position where you need more battery life from your AirPods; you can squeeze the remaining battery life as much as possible by using one earbud at a time. While you are using one earbud; keep the other one in the charging case so that it can remain fully charged. This trick is usually helpful when you need to take urgent calls. However, this trick won’t be of much use when you are listening to music or some other entertainment audio.

Note: Your AirPods are not charging all the time while they are in the charging case. Once they’ve been fully charged, the charging case stops sending power to them. So in case, you want to turn off AirPods Pro to save its battery from getting overcharged all the time; there’s no need for it.

How to Prevent AirPods From Working When Not In Your Ears?

Another reason why you might want to turn off AirPods Pro is to stop them from working even when they’re not in your ears. Fortunately, there’s nothing you need to do about it. Apple has the feature of Automatic Ear-Detection that helps your AirPods to know if they’re in your ears. When they are in your ears, the audio plays without any hindrance, and when you pull them out of your ears; the audio pauses automatically.

Note: If you go to the AirPods settings in Mac or iOS; you’ll see an option named off (Settings > Bluetooth > AirPods > Double-click on AirPods). This option is not to turn off AirPods Pro. Instead, it is to control what happens when you double-tap the AirPods. When you select it, the feature is turned off and nothing happens to your AirPods.

What does the button on AirPods do?

The button is used to set up the AirPods.

Does AirPods Pro have buttons?

No, AirPods Pro doesn’t have any buttons.

Where is the microphone on AirPods Pro?

AirPods Pro’s microphone is at the end of the stem.