WhatsApp Not Sending Photos? [Know How To Fix]

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I’m pretty sure that you are here because your WhatsApp not sending photos to other users. But don’t worry with the help of this article we are gonna help you in fixing this issue.

But before that let’s get some more information about WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is an instant messaging application. It is available on Android, iOS, Windows, and Web versions. With this, you can send messages, can do video calls, voice calls, and can send other media files. This app is so popular among users that their day starts with this app and ends with this app.

There is hardly anyone who doesn’t use WhatsApp. WhatsApp is very popular, and people are so crazy about it that whenever they message someone, they keep checking whether the person they have sent the message has checked their message or not.

Although it sounds funny to hear, it is true.

I have seen people who call to ask why you have not read my message or have viewed the photo. By this, you can guess if Whatsapp not sending photos or the other media. What will be the condition of such people around us?

Today through this article, we will try to interpret the reasons as well as discuss the solution why WhatsApp stopped sending photos sometimes. So if you are having trouble sending media files on WhatsApp, then read carefully.

Solutions for the “WhatsApp not sending photos” issue

The reason and solution for this issue are explained below.

1. Connectivity problem in your phone

When submitting a picture on WhatsApp, then, first of all, check if there is any connectivity problem. Check if you have an active internet connection, i.e. your mobile Data is on.

To check it, try to open other websites on your phone. If everything seems to be fine then check for the date and time on your phone. Also do check if your daily data usage is exhausted or not.

2. Date and time incorrect in phone

Often, people encounter problems, sending photos on WhatsApp. This happens due to the wrong time or date on your phone. So, first correct the time and date on your phone, if it is wrong, and retry to send photos.

In the event, you are out of your home, and you don’t know what the right time is. Then from the Settings in your phone, select update date and time with the internet.

3. Due to lack of space in the SD card

It may sound weird to you, but this also causes problems in sending photos on WhatsApp. Because whenever you sent any file through WhatsApp make a copy of it in your phone as a backup in File Manager > Whatsapp > Media > WhatsApp Images > Sent.

So if your SD card does not have space and it is full, then you may encounter problems in sending photos on WhatsApp. So check the storage space on the SD card and if it is full, then make a space in the SD card by deleting the old media that you no longer need. And later try to resend the photos on WhatsApp.

4. Try Deleting Whatsapp Cache Data

If your SD card does not have space problems and still has issues in sending, then try deleting WhatsApp Cache data from your SD card.

Here are the steps to delete Whatsapp Cache Data

  • Open the “Settings” section on your phone.
  • Then, tap on “Apps” to open installed apps.
  • Locate Whatsapp in the installed apps.
  • Select it and then tap on Clear data.
  • Then, you will have two options “clear all data” or clear cache”
  • Tap on the Clear cache and Confirm it to delete.

Want a step-by-step guide with pictures to do the same? Then, Have a look at our guide to clear data & cache of Snapchat (Procedure to clear cache and data is same for all the Apps).

Please note that if you are still unable to send any photos on Whatsapp. Then you can try to install the latest version of Whatsapp.

How to check you have the latest WhatsApp version installed?

  • Open Play Store.
  • Search WhatsApp.
  • Then, tap on the Whatsapp icon.
  • And see if you have “Update” written there.
  • If an update is not written there, then this means you have the latest version of the app, and you will see “Open” written there instead of update.
  • In the event, you have “Update” written there, then update it and try resending the images.

5. Check if WhatsApp is allowed to use Data

Sometimes WhatsApp stops working due to permission to access mobile data getting disabled or turned off. So follow the following steps to enable mobile data usage for WhatsApp.

  • Open Settings > Tap on Apps > Then, select installed Apps > Locate and Tap on WhatsApp > Tap on Data Usage > Check if Mobile Data Usage turned off.
  • If it is turned off, turn it on.

If you have not turned this off, then there are chances that your phone infected with malware. So to avoid this problem in the future run a malware checkup on your phone using any good app.

Please note that the procedure to find WhatsApp in “Settings” in different brands mobile may slightly vary. So in the event, you face a problem in finding WhatsApp in settings. then do let us know in the comment section below and also mention your mobile brand.

On the off chance if after trying all the solutions, you are still unable to send photos on WhatsApp then wait and try after some time. Because then there are chances that the WhatsApp server is having an issue.

We are saying this because a similar problem occurred a few months ago. Because of which videos and photos are neither uploading nor downloading. Due to this, millions of users were worried. However, after some time, Whatsapp recovered. So try after some time.

Do let us know. Did you like this article?

Until next time, this is goodbye from us!

Why is my WhatsApp not sending photos?

This issue occurs when your Internet connection is not stable. You can’t send photos or videos if you don’t have a good internet connection.

How do I send a high-quality picture on WhatsApp?

To send a high-quality picture on WhatsApp, open WhatsApp and select the thread of that person you want to send a picture. Then tap on (+) on the left bottom side of the screen, then tap on Document and select the picture you want to send.

Does sending photos on WhatsApp reduce quality?

Yes, sending photos on WhatsApp reduces its quality because WhatsApp compresses images before sending them to contact.