Is Zepeto App Safe? – Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Is Zepeto App Safe

If you closely look around, everyone seems to be popping up a new avatar for themselves. In simple words, an Avatar is your 3D graphical representation in the form of an emoji. Talking about avatars, one such application that has seemed to skyrocketed is Zepeto. Zepeto is an App that works on advanced face recognition models. With this App, users can simply generate an avatar, almost instantly, just with one click.

The new trend is taking over has generated a large amount of social media users who have been sharing their personalized and customized looking avatars all over social media. With all the good things the application offers, there have been major speculations about its safety features. Hence, the question remains, Is Zepeto App Safe?

What Started the Rumour?

Long, long ago, there was a virus named Zepto. Many people associated this name with the Zepeto App, which has an uncanny similarity in their names. Fortunately, this is just a coincidence and a rumour as this has got nothing to do with the App.

Is Zepeto App Safe in terms of Privacy?

There are numerous ways of gaining access to the App. While registering, the application asks its users to register through their email address and password. Alternatively, users can also access the application with the help of Facebook; by logging in through their existing Facebook IDs. The App, as of now, is completely safe and secure.

Does Zepeto hack your Phone?

Back in 2018, a gossip guaranteed that the application utilized man-made consciousness to follow its clients and that specific individuals were hearing unusual commotions on their mobile’s receiver which took care of the delirium. These cases have been excused as of late even though the application requires utilization of the camera and mouthpiece.

In any case, numerous clients state this isn’t correct; as such static commotions are created if there should be an occurrence of numerous different applications also. Concerning tracking, a few clients have affirmed the application doesn’t request any location access.

The developers have denied the rumors and have addressed their users stating that the App is safe and sound to use with nothing to worry about. Furthermore; the developers have confirmed that there is no tracking or hacking feature; and all of those conspiracy theories are based on lame assumptions. The developers are working on the same and will soon come up with an update to fix the issue once and for all.

Is Zepeto a Chinese app?

No, Zepeto is not a Chinese application. It is a South Korean application.

Is Zepeto a game?

Zepeto is an application in which you can create a 3D animated version of yourself to use in chatrooms.

Is Zepeto offline?

No, Zepeto is an online application. You can access this application if your device is connected to the internet.

Can you play Zepeto on your laptop?

Yes, you can play Zepeto on a laptop.