10 Best Messaging Apps For Android/iOS

Best Messaging Apps

We live in a digital age where most of our daily communication and socialization has moved to digital messaging, that’s why we are here to show you the best messaging apps for both iOS and Android. There are different types of messaging apps that can be divided into social, secret, and professional messaging. Choose depending on your needs.

If you are looking to have an exciting and fun conversation with your friends and family make sure to check out each app that we have picked just for you.

List Of Best Messaging Apps

Remember this is not a ranked list and each app is better than the other. Just try to find the best one that suits you and your needs. Our list contains only those apps that are trusted and secure for you. You can download them for free from the Play Store or App Store. So, let’s start our fun journey to chat, send gifs, and video call long distance friends.

1. Signal

Signal - Best Telegram Alternatives

Want the best privacy on a messaging app? There is an app called Signal that offers encryption from both ends of your messaging. And even if your data is shared they will let you know. Also, don’t worry that the shared data will be sold to other companies, but instead they have to do this because of law enforcement to keep the terms of services safe.

If you have used the Telegram app then you will find similarities in Signal. The AI and interface are quite similar. You can even change and customize the look of the app to some extent. You just have to register through your mobile number to create your Signal account.

Download: Android / iOS

2. Facebook Messenger

Messenger - Best Telegram Alternatives

Facebook is one of the best social media platforms and Facebook Messenger is obviously one of the fun chatting apps. It connects to your Facebook account which means all your Facebook friends are available on Messenger. You will get stuck on the platform because of its beautiful interface and fast service. Keeping in contact with your friends and families gets easier with messenger and high quality video calling helps to stay connected with people miles away. It is good for couples because of its secure features.

As the social media era is developing, the messenger app itself added some features to it for example, payment option, games, group video calling, etc. If you don’t want all these features and just want something that is simple and easy you can go for the Lite version of the app. Also, this Lite version will use less of your data providing much faster service.

Download: Android / iOS

3. Telegram


Telegram is one of the best messaging app that lets you be open and a bit free from all the restrictions. You have the ability to open large community groups where you can have people with similar interests. Talking with your friends on telegram is really fun with gifs and stickers. You can make stickers in Telegram which are completely customizable.

Great thing about Telegram is that you can use it on anything from iPad to Chromebook. Stay connected to hundreds of people in the on group community and if you have made it you can mute it on off days.

Download: Android / iOS

4. Snapchat


TikTok is capturing most of the world but Snapchat has already dominated its presence. This app is widely popular for its photo filter features and allows you to send snaps easily on your chats, hence the name is Snapchat. With the aspect of fun in it, the app also has some features that delete your conversation and snaps after a certain time unless you saved them earlier.

Snapchat has made it possible to send your live moments quickly with your friends and family. If you are having a rough day, just take a goofy image of one of your friends and laugh. With the popularity and demand, they have also provided the chat feature on the web now.

Download: Android / iOS

5. Discord


This app initially was made for gamers to interact, but with time it has improved a lot. You can add bots to Discord server. It is very simple and straightforward. The base of the app is simple, it lets you message and call. If you are a gamer, you can have a blast with voice call while playing games on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, etc.

Download: Android / iOS

6. Google Messages

Google Messages

Small talks and long nights chats can be done on a single platform with Google Messages. This app is easy to use and a great place to start because everyone knows Google has high security. Over the past years this application has improved significantly and the interface has become much more fun. Yes, some might say Google Hangouts was a better chatting app but this is also improving and will take over Hangouts.

Google messages offer RCS features which you can find in other apps too. One good thing about this app is that you won’t have to pitch your friends and families to use this app. It is easy to use and probably pre-installed in their phones. Just start chatting and calling.

Download: Android

7. Slack


In the beginning, Slack had the potential to be the default messaging app everywhere. But the company decided to take a different route and made it more business friendly. Many companies rely on this application for communication.

You can connect Slack with other platforms such as Asana and Google Drive. These applications will help you to send and receive files and documents easily. It also offers you some customization with notification alerts and is great to communicate quickly to your work partners.

Download: Android / iOS

8. Viber

Viber - Best Telegram Alternatives

A great application that is both fun and formal. You have customization options and a lot of stickers. You can hide your chats with a personal passcode and get end-to-end encryption. The app is available in 41 languages. You can call for free and experience a quick service with a dark theme option.

Download: Android / iOS

9. Google Chat

Google Chat

Google Hangouts has been going downwards lately and many of us will miss it. Now, Google just made up two different sets of apps. The chatting factor is given to Google Chat and the video calling factor is taken care by Google Meet.

Download: Android / iOS

10. WeChat


A unique China based social platform that has an amazing feature where you can see nearby people with whom you can chat randomly. Obviously, due to past history with China apps the world does not use such applications. But if you are just looking to have fun chatting and nothing too personal than give this application a go.

Download: Android / iOS

Final Words

All of them are good, just make sure you choose the correct one. Enjoy your digital socializing and make sure you leave a suggestion for the best messaging apps for chatting.